Notes on Suburbanisation and Counterurbanisation

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Suburbanisation and Counterurbanisation

What is Suburbanisation?

Suburbanisation is the outward growth of towns and cities causing them to engulf surrounding villages and countryside.  It has been possible because more and more people have cars or access to public transport like buses, trams and trains.

Why has it happened?

Certain factors have pushed and pulled people and businesses to move out of the inner city towards the outer edge of the city.

Families have moved out from the inner city because:

Push                                                                Pull

Housing in the inner city was old and crowded with                 New, modern housing with modern facilities

less garden space, no drives etc.

In the inner city there is congestion on the busy roads,        More open space

pollution in the air and visually from old, boarded-up

factories.                                                        Better schools and services

Fears for family safety as crime rates are higher        Large, pleasant shopping centres have been built on the edge of cities

There may be few or restricted job opportunities as         Safer neighbourhoods

many old factories have shut down or moved to the

suburbs        More job opportunities

Businesses have moved from the inner city to the edge because:

Push        Pull

Old, cramped factories in the inner city        Cheaper and more plentiful land for future expansion

Congestion on the roads and narrow streets makes        Brand new buildings with enough car parking,

 life difficult for lorries        space for computers, new cabling and air-


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High rents for land and services        Skilled workers

Shortages of skilled workers        Access to new roads, airports and rail networks

Developers of houses, factories and offices like an edge of city location because:

Push        Pull

Land in central areas is more expensive        Cheaper land for larger developments

You have to pay the costs of clearing sites and        Financial incentives are offered by suburban

cleaning up chemical or toxic waste left behind        authorities

by industry

What are the effects of Suburbanisation?

  1. Urban sprawl – The countryside is being built over, threatening ...

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