Rebranding in the london docklands: case study

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London Docklands

Evidence of Rebranding

Jumping straight to the point, rebranding has occurred and is currently taking place in various ‘hot spot’ locations to try to give the area a new modern feel. The chairman of the London Docklands Development Corporation, Sir Michael Pickard, said himself that, ’16 years ago, the Isle of Dogs was an isolated, tightly knit community seemingly in the grip of irreversible decline. Today, massive investment from both the public and private sectors has transformed the area. There are new schools, health centers and homes, park and playgrounds, new road and rail links, and nearly 1.4 million square meters of commercial and industrial development, over 80% of which rented. The new residents and businesses have brought a fresh lifeblood to the Island.’ So it is obvious that rebranding has taken place, but to what extent and where has it happened.

The first information study I am going to look at is a place check form, here it will become more apparent which areas have undergone rebranding to a higher extent than others. So looking at fig.1.1, is an area called Felstead Wharf is reported to have high quality modern housing, with adjacent car parks provided. From the information in the photo and also the report, one can deduce that this area, once holding low quality housing for the working class population of the Docklands, has now been transformed into an upmarket residential area offering a home to business men and women who work in the central business district.

But, when only moving a small distance, approximately, 2000 feet, one meets an area were regeneration is ‘currently in progress’ looking closely at figure 1.2, we see at approximately 429 Westferry Road, a large super structure which at one point was a warehouse in the industrial era and now is simply a steel skeletal structure. However this large building is soon to be transformed by the council to make a series of aesthetically pleasing offices.

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In complete contrast, and in the final study of the place check form, draw attention to figure 1.3. Here although closer to the the Central Business District, this area on Glengall Grove is reported to have poor housing quality with cement walls being badly stained and covered in graffiti, the houses themselves were small, of bad quality and usually terraced. With the nearby park in a state of disrepair.

The significance of the above study shows in figure 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3, that in 3 locations separated only by around 3 to 4 thousand feet, the quality, ...

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A good overview of rebranding in the Docklands area. This report refers to primary and secondary data to demonstrate the success of rebranding. To improve, further secondary data could be used as evidence for points made. It would also be useful to see a conclusion. 4 stars