The Cairngorms, a mountain wilderness

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Question 4 – The Cairngorms, a mountain wilderness

        The Cairngorms Mountains are a gigantic open space range of mountains. There are so many uses and attractions for visiting tourists. There is a purpose built town called Aviemore. It was built in 1966 and today has over 2000 inhabitants.

        Aviemore is on about the lowest land in the Cairngorms, alongside runs a river that has many tributaries and runs a course with many meanders and changes.

        There is lots of water in the Cairngorms, possibly left over from the glaciers that once occupied the mountains, thousands and thousands of years ago. There are 5 very noticeable lochs to be seen in this area of the Cairngorms, along with many other smaller lakes and lochs. The biggest loch is Loch Morlich, which is about 1 sq. kilometre. The loch goes down 10m deep, this is not the deepest, that title goes to Loch Emich which goes down a massive 40m.

        Loch Morlich is situated in a large woodland called Queen’s forest; this is only half of the massive woodland near Aviemore the other half is called Rothiemurchus.

        The Cairngorms is famous for its mountains as it has many peaks over 1000m. The mountains have some of the steepest slopes in Britain. In some places the ground level raises over 500m in under a kilometre of land. There are many cliffs because of this; these make brilliant viewpoints.

        People and tourists try to make the best use of the Cairngorms they can. It is used so much to its full potential that people are actually damaging it.

        In Aviemore, there are many attractions. There is a cinema and theatre, these both play new and old films and plays. There is an up to date ice rink and artificial ski slope. There are lots of natural trails that people can take leisurely walks along. There is also a swimming pool and sauna alongside a golf course.

        Loch Morlich is also used to its full capacity. Many water sports take place here, these include, jet skiing, canoeing, and water skiing. There is also a sandbank which people use and call a ‘beach’. This gets very busy in the summer months.

        When you go further in to the mountains, and on to the moors, there are even more things to do. A big attraction is grouse shooting. Land owners breed grouse and some tourists pay up to £5,000 for a week of shooting. Also on the moors are lots of forest walks, which have lots of wildlife scenes on the way. A major attraction in the Cairngorms is the Reindeers. They are the only reindeer in Britain and attract many tourists on their own. The moors and mountains also provide hikers, walkers and climbers with ideal conditions for there enjoyment. There are miles of slopes and hills for them to explore.

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        The biggest attraction in the Cairngorms is the skiing facilities, which are the best in Britain. There are around 17 slopes that are maintained by workers. Around 50,000 to 60,000 skiers use the slopes every year. It is predicted that this number will soon rise to 200,000 when the funicular railway is completed and replaces the older chairlift system.

Question 5- Study the diagram sheet. It shows how the landscape has changed in mountain areas like the Cairngorms. Explain how these changes have happened and how different features have developed over the years. ...

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