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The Positive and Negative impacts of Tourism Development.

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Kellie-Marie Price Vicky's Lesson The Positive and Negative impacts of Tourism Development. Tourism Development contains a lot of political and economical values. Some of these are positive and some of which are negative. This report will look in detail at the positive and negative impacts of Tourism Development. Positive Impacts of Tourism Development How Tourism can contribute to socio-cultural conservation. Tourism is a chance for people to get into contact with each other, and as tourism has an educational element to it, this can create an understanding between people and cultures and provide opportunities for an exchange of these own personal culture and ways of life. Tourism can contribute to the vitality of communities in many ways. An example of this is festivals, fairs and local events, as these attract local resident's which has been primary participants and spectators which are often revitalized and developed in response to tourist interest. ...read more.


Tourism also helps raise local awareness of the financial value of natural and cultural sites. This can encourage a feeling of pride in local and national heritage and interest in its conservation. These points are positive impacts of tourism that can only arise when tourism is practised in a sustainable and suitable way. For the public to be involved is a necessity as a community involved in planning and functioning tourism has a more positive outcome and attitude. This proves as more supportive. Although tourism can have a negative impact, it doesn't have to be harmful to local people and their traditions. Around the world, ecotourism has helped conserve local control over land use, encourage local pride in cultural heritage and enable many traditions to be preserved or resurrected. ...read more.


can take place as a result of differences in cultures, ethnic and religious groups, values and lifestyles, languages, and levels of prosperity. The attitude of local residents towards tourism development may unfold through the stages of euphoria, where visitors are very welcome, through apathy, irritation and potentially antagonism, when anti-tourist attitudes begin growing among local people. Socio-cultural impacts would be: * Crowding in areas of overuse, which can adversely affect the overall visitor experience * Displacement of local residents as development activities restrict their access to coastal resources * Change in local customs as residents abandon traditional livelihoods for jobs that cater to the recreation and tourism industry * Change in local culture as residents acquire practices observed of visitors The physical influences that the increasing tourism flow, and its consequent developments, has on a destination can cause severe social stress as it impacts the local community. ...read more.

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