The Social Economic and Environmental Impacts of Cruise Liners and Cruise Passengers

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The Social Economic and Environmental Impacts of Cruise Liners and Cruise Passengers

The explosive growth of the cruise industry in the last few years has resulted in an overwhelming number of choices for consumers. Whether you are looking for complete relaxation and pampering, non-stop activity and adventure, an exotic destination, or a family cruise that caters to both kids and grown-ups, there is a cruise that is right for you.

Passengers booking a luxury cruise can expect to be greeted on arrival with a complimentary bottle of champagne; to have a spacious cabin with a walk-in wardrobe, an elegant bathroom, a well stocked mini-bar and 24 hour room service - with full in-suite dining available during restaurant hours. They never have to queue to get food and drink, and never have to wait to use equipment in the gym or be seated in the dining room because such ships have more than enough space to accommodate everybody onboard in comfort. Furthermore, passengers paying luxury ship prices can expect excellent, unobtrusive service and a truly cash-free environment.

It comes as no surprise therefore that the cruise sector has grown rapidly over the years. Nonetheless, suffice it to say that such a market has its impacts, be they social, economical and even environmental.

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As mentioned previously, a cruise ship is a controlled, safe, pleasurable environment with a wide range of recreational facilities and activities. As a result one wonders why any one boarding a cruise liner would have any reason to disembark. This in turn would give rise to what Cohen so often refers to as the “environmental bubble” or “tourist bubble”. One may rightly or wrongly argue that the cruise passenger views people, places and cultures of the destinations visited by the cruise liner, through the protective walls of his or her own “environmental bubble”. The cruise liner is designed exclusively ...

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