This essay will discuss the differences between LEDC's and MEDC's and if technology can be used to close the development gap.

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Closing the Technology gap is fundamental to closing the development gap

This essay will discuss the differences between LEDC’s and MEDC’s and if technology can be used to close the development gap

The development gap is the difference between the wealth of the different countries both economically and in terms of quality of life. The wealthiest countries are called MEDC’s (More Economically Developed Countries), the poorest LLEDC’s (Least Less Economically Developed Countries). This can be measured using certain scales, for example, GNP, life expectancy, death rate, birth rate or literacy rate. This table illustrates the development gap using GNP

        Table 1: A few examples of countries and their GDP per capita                1996        

The development gap can be shown between countries, for example Armenia and the UK, where Armenia earns US$ 730 per person the UK earns US$ 18700.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) can also be used, where as GNP shows Gross National Product, money made by companies based in that country with offices all over the world, GDP only shows money made inside the countries borders. This table shows a few examples of GDP per capita:

        Table 2: A few examples of countries and their GDP per capita                1996

The development gap has been increasing over the past 30 years; this is due to the fact that many believe MEDC’s are exploiting them. Raw materials are taken at very low prices and manufactured goods are sold back to them at very high levels, which they cannot afford. The UN reported in July that 54 countries are worse off now then they were 10 years ago and are unlikely to meet targets for 50 years. In 31 of the top priority countries progress towards these goals has stalled or even dropped. It said that for some sub Saharan African countries it could take until 2129 before they get universal primary education.

Another example is the AIDS drug crisis. New drugs are being widely used in the industrialised world but not in the developing, in Western Europe 570,000 people have aids and only 8,000 died in 2002, in North Africa 550,000 people have aids and 37,000 people died from it in 2002, this is due to the fact that the drugs are expensive and difficult to administer

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Table 3: Showing the difference between Africa and Europe and their AIDS survival rates         2002

This is a clear example of how technology is a big influence in reducing the development gap. Also that even though more people in western Europe have HIV less die from it a year due to the availability of drugs as the developing countries are being discriminated against.

Fig 1: This shows the different GNI per capital by nation

The Technology gap is the difference in the amount of high technology products in countries. This is caused due to the cost to purchase these ...

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