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Firstly, there are so many ways of finding out information on a particular destination.

Technology has developed to such a high degree that you can find almost everything there is on paper… on screen!

The travel and tourism industry has also bloomed with development, therefore all its consumers need to have these various sources on a daily basis to target their information needed.

I have described the relevant examples of the various reference materials available.


This is a world map in which you can explore and zoom in on whichever destination desired. However it works best on UK destinations, and you will get a brilliant road map for anywhere in the UK.

The 6th edition World Travel Atlas.

This is a paper version atlas and is almost more useful and helpful than the Google maps. It contains a range of things from basic maps to weather maps and maps showing airports and it also shows available wildlife parks and theme parks worldwide!

In my opinion this is the best form of atlas as it is a good source of information, all in one book and even though you could find all this information on the net the researcher may not have access at the specific time.

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The Internet:

Some people who are not familiar with the way computers work seem to think that you can find information about anything online which in some cases is the case but not in all cases. Other people (like my dad) seem to think that you can type in a question and receive the correct answer, well is certainly not true as you would only get a list of possible sites and then you have to pick and choose really!

The best thing about this site is that you can choose what language to ...

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