Urban microclimate investigation.

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Identification of a Question

 A rural Heat Island is a geographical concept that suggests in calm conditions the temperature decreases gradually from the CBD to the rural area. This means that the more urban the area/the higher the building density the warmer it is. The theories behind this idea are that tarmac, brick and other building materials have high albedo values than farm land or forests and therefore the urban areas absorb more heat during the day which is released during the night increasing the temperature through an entire twenty four hour period. Industrial fumes and car fumes provide extra cloud cover in urban areas which helps to trap the heat in these areas further increasing the temperature.

     The aim of this investigation is to determine if Stourbridge is an urban heat island. From this aim the hypothesises can be drawn.

Hypothesis: There is a significant relationship between temperature and distance from the CBD of Stourbridge.

Null Hypothesis: There is no significant relationship between temperature and distance from the CBD of Stourbridge.

Development of a Strategy

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To prove/disprove the hypothesis of this investigation, temperature data needs to be recorded in the CBD of Stourbridge and in a near by rural area. Data also needs to be collected for points in between to give clearer results. This ought to be done on a straight line running from Stourbridge CBD though the town, out into the suburbs and then into the most rural area possible. As many points on this line should be used as recording points and these points should be equidistance apart. The data collecting will take place on the morning of Monday 27th January.  


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This starts out really well, clearly discussing what will be investigated and how it will be done. The lack of graphs is a shame as it would have been valuable to see what was being discussed. The analysis and conclusion sections need further depth and detail but over all a good investigation. 4 Stars