What is Inequality? Give some examples.

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Inequality with examples

What is inequality? 

The widening gap between rich and poor that has weakened our society over recent decades. For most people, it simply reflects the natural order; the rich have each individually taken their chance, as anyone would, to expand the rewards of various kinds – for example  profits, salaries, and bonuses,– that they are able to command.

What causes inequality?

Comparative advantages – Advantages due to natural resources & location, which creates the initial stimulus for an industry to locate there.

Social inequality-  Education is what establishes your ability to become self sufficient. The better the education the more opportunities open up for you to have options in life. These options can provide a lot of things, like money and security, and better choices to choose from. 

Culture is in there too. Some cultures refuse to learn the modern ways of science and technology, and even languages. Some cultures believe it's a bad thing to move forward from the old ways and develop new traditions and practices. While the rest of the world moves on and forward as you sit still and watch because of cultural or, economic, or education deficiencies, will result in social inequality. 

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Example of inequality

 It’s really greed that causes inequality. Someone gets the idea to capitalize on something....let's take Walmart for example. Sam Walton got the idea to create a store that had everything in it. That idea expanded to an international corporation that has one goal: profit. Now Walmart isn't "evil" because it's a corporation. And Americans demand lots of cheap goods, regardless of where the products of those goods were made. So CEO's and their families live on millions of dollars a year. The employees of most Walmart’s make a dollar an hour above minimum wage. So many live ...

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