Why are some parts of China so rich while

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Why are some parts of China so rich while

other parts are so poor?

In China there are so many places where most people are sleeping in poverty, living on streets and begging for money everyday. But so many people were rich as well, the extremes from rich to poor are in the same country. The main reason for the different economy in China is that the country is communist, under the control of Jiang Zemin. Communist means that the country runs by paying each person the same wages even if they are a more authority over people and are higher up the hierarchy. Some families were also very poor because they would have a lot of children, which they could not afford to bring up. There is a lot of poverty in rural areas, whilst many people in cities are getting richer. In China there are around 1.28 billion people, there are about 14 million unemployed people in urban areas and there are about 120 million in rural areas. This means that something must be wrong about China and why so many people can not get jobs.

It is wrong to say that the main cause of the situation of people being so much rich in some areas than in others go back only to 1976. Things like the incident at Tiananmen Square in 1989 where thousands of innocent people died and got mowed down by machine guns. Through this many people were on a hunger strike where many people starved and so people got ill and couldn’t afford medicine and poverty was the inevitable which was the cause of Deng.

In China when Mao was emperor he had many ideas and most of them failed or did not help him get out any competition. Some of his ideas were ‘The great leap forward’ and ‘100 hundred flowers campaign.’ In ‘the great leap forward’ Mao told the peasants to make steel to make their industry more successful. But this failed because the steel was weak and the crops had been forgotten about and the dry weather made the country have a famine. The ‘100 hundred flowers campaign’ in 1957 was meant to let the peasants have a say in the government and new ideas, Mao said ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom’ which was meant to let new ideas bloom. But this didn’t happen, all that happen was that Mao new who his rivals were put in jail and the campaign ended. After this people where even more afraid of speaking out against Mao, which meant they could not improve their lives.

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When China was under control of the Emperors there were people called the Mandarins who were the Emperor’s local officers that taxed and tortured people. At this time 80% of people were peasants and they worked very hard and tried to grow rice or millet. Population growth was a problem because in 1750 there were 100 million people and at the end of the 19th century there were 400 million people. This obviously made families poor and not enough food for everyone, which means that poverty and famine became a problem.

By 1962, however, Mao began an offensive ...

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