York Flood Management Report

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Geography                                                               Stephen Mathieson

York Flood Management Report

   The city of York was originally built in a superb defensive position, it was an island almost completely surrounded be water from the river Ouse and the river Foss.

With York being surrounded by the Vale Of York it is often under threat from flooding, records of flooding in York go back to the 14th century, but many archaeologists believe that York suffered from a major flood during Anglo-Saxon times. The worst flood witnessed by York happened in 1947 when the river Ouse burst its banks. This was due to the thaw of the river as it was frozen solid, it was so hard that a horse and cart were able to cross the river. York was again hit by a major flood in 1982 when flood levels reached 16feet high.

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   York is often under threat to

flooding because of its situation.

The river Ouse is the principal

drainage basin in Yorkshire.

The Ouse is formed by the

confluence of the Ouse, Gill,

 Beck and the river Ure, a few

kilometres downstream of the

confluence of the rivers Swale and

Ure. The Ouse the flows southwards

and is joined by the Nidd just to

the north of York. The river Ouse

meets the river Foss directly in the

heart of the city centre. The tributaries

of the Wharfe, Derwent, Aire ...

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