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AS and A Level: Healthcare

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  1. Unit 29-Applied Psychological Perspectives in Health and Social Care - P2, P3, P4 and M2

    This could be the reason why Ben has become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Ben was exposed to alcohol from an early age because his own mother was addicted to alcohol. Also Ben had become addicted to heroin due to his friends that he was socialising with and it also could be caused by peer pressure from his friends. The Humanistic explanation for the cause of addiction is that low self-esteem and confidence. Ben may have felt that he had to fit in with his peer group and because of his low self-esteem he could not refuse to the peer pressure.

    • Word count: 3710
  2. Unit 8: Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care - P2, P3, M2 and D1

    This will make the service user to associate alcohol with the aversion, therefore to help them to stop drinking alcohol because they had unpleasant experience. Operant conditioning is also used in health and social care and health visitors or health professional who gives parental advice may use principles of operant conditioning through reward and punishment. For example, super nanny use reward and punishment as way to help children behave in good and obedient way to their parents. (M, 2010, pp.

    • Word count: 3413
  3. Reflective Diary - Communication

    In addition, by making eye contact with him, it made me come across more friendly. After doing this, he declined my offer due to him suffering from dementia. The reasons were that dementia affects the memory and thinking which made it difficult for Mr K to understand what I asked of him, leading to him feeling very uncomfortable and declining my offer. Therefore, I tried a different method of communicating with him, by summarizing all I had to say in short sentences.

    • Word count: 3257

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