Accident Log Book Example - waiting room - Unit 3 Health and Social Care task 4

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Waiting Room


I have chosen a doctor’s surgery waiting room as my first setting. In the waiting room there is the main reception desk, 6 rows of seats with fabric covering, a low glass table with a pile of magazines on for people to read, a children’s area with toys in a wooden box, a lift and a staircase leading up to the doctors’ offices. Potential hazards in the waiting room include no handrail on the staircase, magazines on the floor that have been knocked off of the table, the fabric seats not being clean and sanitized, the wooden toy box giving a child a splinter, the glass table of magazines being placed in front of one of the fire exits, and the cleaning cupboard being left open with hazardous cleaning chemicals in view.

The table with the magazines on is placed directly in front of a fire exit in the building. This is a hazard because if there was a fire and people needed to exit via that door, they would have to climb over the table to escape, and causing unnecessary time spent queueing up at the door, putting people in danger. This hazard is especially a risk to those with mobility issues.

In the case of the staircase, the fact that there is no handrail on the stairs means that people may be more susceptible to trip or fall down them. This hazard would especially be a risk to those with mobility issues, balance issues, partially sighted/blind people, and the elderly.

Next to the reception there is an unlocked cupboard that the cleaners use when they clean the rooms. It is often left with the door slightly open and the chemicals in there visible to adults and children. This is especially hazardous for children as they are unaware of the dangers of chemicals.

The magazines on the floor pose a hazard because people might not see them on the floor and slip over on them. This would especially be a risk to the elderly, those who are partially sighted/blind, small children, and those with mobility issues.

The wooden toy boy is made from unfinished and unpainted wood pieces. This poses a very big risk to children in the toy area, as they could easily get splinters from touching the toy box, which could get infected if not treated properly.        

The fabric seats are made of cushioned absorbent material, meaning when people have dirty hands and touch the seats, the bacteria/viruses on their hands will be transferred to the seat, and anyone could then pick up this bacteria by touching the seat and get ill themselves.


Firstly, the table with the magazines on should be moved as, in a fire, it would seriously slow down the evacuation of the building, possibly causing deaths.

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Secondly, an ambulance should be called for anyone who ingests any chemicals from the unlocked cupboard.

Thirdly, anyone who falls down the stairs without the handrail should have an ambulance called for them as they may have serious head, neck, or spinal injuries.

Next, any children who get splinters from the wooden toy box should be taken to A&E immediately, as the splinter could become septic.

Then, anyone who falls over due to the magazines on the floor should be taken to A&E or have an ambulance called for them, depending on the severity of the fall.

Lastly, the people ...

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