Aspects of quality assurance at Chamberlaynes Childrens Centre.

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quality assurance is a system for evaluating the performance, the quality if the services they provide i.e. what chamberlayne provie for their service users. Many quality assurance procedures would be set by the central government. Standards, governance, and quality control are all essential in any care setting like the NHS of any health service.


National service frame worls are national standards in certain settings that have seen set by the governmnet to improve standards of any health care service or care setting like Chnaberlayne. Standards relating to the level of service necessary in any health service or care setting like chamberlayne are always improving with the help from the national service frameworks. Targets will be set in agreement with the national service frameworks, social services and national health services, any agreements made will have set time limits. They will look to se what targets to tackle or any issues and concerns within the area.

Aspects of quality assurance

Qualith assurance mechanisms used by services take many forms;

Improving imformation and consultation with service users

Changes in the invlovment or patients and health services took place because of the NHS plan in 2000 and the health and social care act. The acts look at how they can and should invlolve patients and the public with the services that are run. NHS as well as local councils and social services departments now involve the service users and public and they also provide information about services offered in various ways such as leaflets and websites. At Chamberlayne they provide information for parents in the form of leaflets, carers. Chamberlayne feel it is essential to have contact with the parents so that they are updated and informaed.

Involving service users in the NHS and social care

Health and social care act implements the NHS must involve and consult with the service users and the public with any service planning and proposals for change. Examples of consultations include questionaires being sent to housholds in the area or asking them to comment on the services available. Children and parents may have the chance to get involved with meetings about how services should be run and what is needed or to be changed, this way it gives them a voice and a chance to speak out and makes them feel that they are improtant and that they can give their opinions.

Service users choice

This inititive is how service users can be invloved in making decisions about their own care. In chamberlayne they feel that choice is important for parents to give them that empowerment and give them choice rather than choices being made for them as if they are not important. In other settings like care homes this will especially benefit the residents as it helps give them choices about their own care and to help them feel empowered. For example they can choose what they would like to eat, they may be given a choice of three dishes and they then get the choice out of those dishes what they would like. In most places they get the decision of decorationg their own rooms which will make them feel more comfortable and to make their room their own. They will get the choice with regards to health whether they would like to see a male or a female doctors, or maybe they have a preferance of a certain doctor they would like to see or would like another service available there like a speech therapist.

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Service standards in social care

Policies and legislation standards in social care are being developed in a range of areas. Nursing facilities are one way of developing standards, which would be monitored by trusts and social services working together in partnership. In the nursing facilities there are local councils, hospital trusts, volutary areas, and older people. There are meetings that take place that they help set up action plans and targets set by the government, which these will then be monitored. They have come up with immunisations for elderly people over 65 and exercise programmes for the elderly, ...

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