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Benefits of Managing Health Safety And Security

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        Benefits of Managing Health        

        Safety And Security

Benefits of managing health, safety and security within Alton Leisure Centre and Physicals Health Club (both in Alton)

Alton Leisure Centre

  • Risk Assessment are always completed about once a week, it is good they do a risk assessment because it makes the centre to maintain healthy, safe and secured
  • Health and Safety training for all staff – once a week training, therefore if an incident has happened, all staff are qualified to sort out the problem.
  • Lifeguard training – once a week training, this is useful because if an incident e.g. someone drowning, staffs are qualified to help and save someone from drowning.
  • Very Clean Facilities e.g. court, changing room and toilet; this makes sure the centre is very hygienic.
  • CCTV in major areas e.g. reception, reason for this are if a missing child or prevents theft.
  • Fire and Chlorine Practice for all staff, this helps all staff to know what to do if there was a fire in the centre or chlorine in the pool and also they are qualified to sort out the problem.
  • Emergency action plan are provided so if an incident has happened all staff will know what to do and where to keep everyone safe from the incident.
  • All staffs are fully trained and are responsible for all equipments from their own department and each department has their own role, so that if these a problem the staff will know what to do.
  • Evacuation procedures are provided, they train once a week, in the centre but if these an incident e.g. fire or bomb, they usually call the local fireman/police etc to help and deal with the situation.
  • They have many staff who has qualification on first aid e.g. Craig Korrocks, Richard Keale, Daniel Lee Anderson or Nick Jean Go Ganiun, reason for staff having first aid qualification because if these a incident e.g. someone fainted or caused an accident, they are qualified to deal the situation.
  • Posters – How to keep healthy and safe and not becoming dehydrated during any sporting activities, reason for this is to make the centre attractive but also using the advertisement to advertise there products and others e.g. Lucazade, sports kits etc.
  • Warning signs - fire exit and emergency signs such as: danger or wet floor, reason for this is to warn customers these certain areas in the centre can harm their health and making the centre safe and secured.
  • Photographic procedures for child protection e.g. no taking pictures in the pool area.
  • Car Park provided, so it makes the centre safe and secured.
  • It is accessible, you don’t need to pay to go into the centre but only pay for using the facilities, reason for this are if these an emergency, they can use the centre or staff in the centre to help.

Physicals Health Club

  • CCTV – In the reception and other facilities such as: courts area, pool area and the gym. This prevents theft and can locate each facility, if an accident or a missing child.
  • Clear facilities - court, changing room and toilet this makes sure the centre is very hygienic.
  • Crèche is provided, so children are safe and secured.
  • Posters/signs for attraction and warning (inside and outside the building), also they can show other companies products making customers to buy the product in their place.
  • Full trained staff, so all staffs are qualified to help if these any accidents happened in Physicals
  • Emergency procedures are checked and provided – making sure the each facility are safe and secured and if an incident has happened all staff will know what to do and where is a ideal place for all customers to stay somewhere safe.
  • Have full trained Health and safety Manager – Nikki Aldridge, reason for staff having first aid qualification because if these a incident, they are qualified to help out and use medical equipments to help the person who was involve in the incident e.g. mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Task 1.2 - The health, safety and security within the Alton Leisure centre


Alton Leisure centre provides a very good safe and secure working environment so all customers and staffs feel safe, they provide a photographic procedure which means no pictures are allowed to be taken in the pool area but pictures on other facilities are fine if you have permission to do so and also you must sign a form for evidence you have permission to take pictures around the centre.


They have Alton & District swimming club equity Policy which contains aims to ensure all people irrespective of their age, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sex orientation have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in swimming at all levels and in all role. This covers for beginners, participant, performer: or a coach, official, referee, manager, administrator or spectator.

They also provided a children protection policy for the swimming club and all staffs must follow the rules in order to keep every child safe when using the facility e.g. anyone under the age of 18 is consider as a young person, the welfare of all young people is paramount or working in partnership with parents/carers is essential for the protection of young people and they also have a child protection officer for the safety of all children.


Alton leisure centre has a CCTV on each area of the centre, the reason for CCTV is to make sure everyone feel safe and secured, and also it helps all staffs in the centre to check if these an accident in either one of the facilities or a child is missing in the centre, therefore each area must be checked carefully from staffs going around each facilities and helps from CCTV.

They have normal operating procedures is provided to all staffs so they know what to do when they start working, this is for to give evidence that you have permission to enter other facilities.

They have an adventure zone that contains rules and regulation (rules of play) for protecting children who uses this facility:

  • A supervising adult must accompany all children at all times.
  • Remove shoes before entering the play area, socks must be worn at all times.
  • Leave spectacles, badges and jewellery with parent/guardian before entering the play area.
  • Children who are under the height of 4’10” may play.

They have an emergency action in case of a bomb threat or climate problem like floor, all public are able to gain access to a special building for shelter and all staff members are been recalled to help out.

Task 1.2 - the health, safety and security within the Alton Physical Health Club


Training Course is taken for lifeguard and staff working in different facilities and usually trains about once a week. This helps staff to become more experience and helping the customers to be safe and healthy. Also Fire training procedures sessions are been taught once a week and this helps their emergency action plan.


The Physical Health Club in Alton provided very good safe and secure working environment so that their customers and the employees feels calm and they make sure they don’t allow pictures taken on any facilities because they are a private company.


They provided CCTV camera in certain areas for security and safety reasons like theft or others.

They don’t allow photograph taken in the health club because it’s a private company which you are only allow access in and out by signing or booking but pictures are not allow unless the duty manger gives the permission but less chance they will and it is also because of child protection and some adults don’t like picture taken during their training.

They have normal operating procedures is provided to all staffs so they know what to do when they start working, this is for to give evidence that you have permission to enter other facilities.

The Strengths and Weaknesses and areas to improve in the way the health club and the leisure centre manage health, safety and security



Areas of improvements


Alton Leisure Centre

  • The Leisure has all policy and rules and regulation all sorted and layout around the centre, also all staffs is being educated on how to obey the rules.
  • Posters, leaflets and offers are given out for customer’s information about the leisure centre.
  • Safety bars on the balcony for protection e.g. children won’t end up falling down to the pool.
  • The play zone is locked and all metal objects are covered with soft materials, so children won’t get hurt.
  • Feedback/comment sheets are given to the customers to let the leisure to know how the customers feel about their staffs and facilities.
  • Clean facilities
  • Some equipment is left out e.g. mats.
  • No sign to warn customers that toilets or other facilities are been constructing.
  • When the swimming pool is full customers must wait and same as sports hall.
  • Facilities are been updated.
  • Improving Website to book online.
  • Increase the pool size.
  • Must provide signs for any construction going on the leisure centre.
  • Equipments must be locked in a safe place.
  • Provide a relaxing music in the reception.
  • Provide more security equipments
  • Increase the play zone for the children.

Alton Physical Health Club

  • Good and polite staff.
  • Offers and leaflet are given out to the customers and layout around the place.
  • Clubs are provided.
  • The facility is accessible.
  • Clean facilities
  • Less staff.
  • Not providing enough information about what the customers can do in the club.
  • Facilities are been updated.
  • Offers and leaflets are been send to local places in Alton.
  • Provide more information about the club for the customers.
  • More staff should be employed.
  • Provide a facility for customers to eat or drink e.g. cafeteria
  • Big and clear sign board/poster for location of the place and information to stay healthy and safe.

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