Benefits of Managing Health Safety And Security

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        Benefits of Managing Health        

        Safety And Security

Benefits of managing health, safety and security within Alton Leisure Centre and Physicals Health Club (both in Alton)

Alton Leisure Centre

  • Risk Assessment are always completed about once a week, it is good they do a risk assessment because it makes the centre to maintain healthy, safe and secured
  • Health and Safety training for all staff – once a week training, therefore if an incident has happened, all staff are qualified to sort out the problem.
  • Lifeguard training – once a week training, this is useful because if an incident e.g. someone drowning, staffs are qualified to help and save someone from drowning.
  • Very Clean Facilities e.g. court, changing room and toilet; this makes sure the centre is very hygienic.
  • CCTV in major areas e.g. reception, reason for this are if a missing child or prevents theft.
  • Fire and Chlorine Practice for all staff, this helps all staff to know what to do if there was a fire in the centre or chlorine in the pool and also they are qualified to sort out the problem.
  • Emergency action plan are provided so if an incident has happened all staff will know what to do and where to keep everyone safe from the incident.
  • All staffs are fully trained and are responsible for all equipments from their own department and each department has their own role, so that if these a problem the staff will know what to do.
  • Evacuation procedures are provided, they train once a week, in the centre but if these an incident e.g. fire or bomb, they usually call the local fireman/police etc to help and deal with the situation.
  • They have many staff who has qualification on first aid e.g. Craig Korrocks, Richard Keale, Daniel Lee Anderson or Nick Jean Go Ganiun, reason for staff having first aid qualification because if these a incident e.g. someone fainted or caused an accident, they are qualified to deal the situation.
  • Posters – How to keep healthy and safe and not becoming dehydrated during any sporting activities, reason for this is to make the centre attractive but also using the advertisement to advertise there products and others e.g. Lucazade, sports kits etc.
  • Warning signs - fire exit and emergency signs such as: danger or wet floor, reason for this is to warn customers these certain areas in the centre can harm their health and making the centre safe and secured.
  • Photographic procedures for child protection e.g. no taking pictures in the pool area.
  • Car Park provided, so it makes the centre safe and secured.
  • It is accessible, you don’t need to pay to go into the centre but only pay for using the facilities, reason for this are if these an emergency, they can use the centre or staff in the centre to help.
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Physicals Health Club

  • CCTV – In the reception and other facilities such as: courts area, pool area and the gym. This prevents theft and can locate each facility, if an accident or a missing child.
  • Clear facilities - court, changing room and toilet this makes sure the centre is very hygienic.
  • Crèche is provided, so children are safe and secured.
  • Posters/signs for attraction and warning (inside and outside the building), also they can show other companies products making customers to buy the product in their place.
  • Full trained staff, so all staffs are qualified to help if ...

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