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BTEC Childcare Unit 20: Design Technology

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Product 1: Dancing Iggle Piggle (In The Night Garden) Purpose and Function of the product: The purpose of this product is to entertain toddlers, through using a character from a children's television program, which they can relate to. The function of this product is that it creates a sound and is programmed to dance. The age range the product is suitable for: the ages of 18 months old to 6 years old.i This is because there are no small parts but a baby could choke on the toy's 'hair'. Design, quality, durability, usability, visual appeal, health and safety The toy is built to a good quality and the consumer can easily see this through the materials used and the way the product is made. The toy operates from a button which a person can easily press on the toy's left foot, which leads the toy to 'dance'. This is made possible through an internal computerised memory which is connected to a sensor in the foot and a force which moves the legs, arms and head. The product is aesthetically pleasing to children as it is representing a character from the popular television program "In The Night Garden". The character has a very bright red blanket and has a two-tone blue coat, which both contrast. He also has red 'hair' and big eyes which draws attention to the child using the product. ...read more.


The quality of the product is good as the toy is made from metal and not a weaker material. The handles are made out of rubber and the base is laminated so they are waterproof. This helps make it more durable, as it will cope more with rain than other scooters. It is usable as riding a scooter is a skill that children have to learn in order to appreciate. The children will be able to relate to the character as they probably watch the program on the television. The colours associated are bright green and black, these colours contrast and stand out to children. The scooter will not be able to be used on rocky surfaces as this can cause injuries. This will have to be used on flat surfaces. Also the scooter cannot be used in rain or ice as the same will happen. Educational Value This toy has some educational values which are related to their physical development and their emotional development. It will help their gross motor skills in relation to their physical development as the toy will help the child develop their coordination, balance and strength. The toy will help with the child's emotional development, instil confidence to the child as the toy helps the child feel secure and happy that they can ride a scooter, plus the exercise will give them good self-esteem and make them feel happy. ...read more.


The function of this product is that the child can recognise the same card and say "snap" when they find the same card. The age range the product is suitable for The age range the product is suitable for is 3 years plus. Design, quality, durability, usability, visual appeal, health and safety The design of the product is that children can pick up cards and recognise the same cards. The quality will be good as laminating would stop all risks of children cutting themselves. It will be durable as it can survive through water and pen marks. It is used by the children who will pick them up and if they find one the exact same, they will then put them together and say 'snap'. It has pictures and bright vivid colours on so it will be aesthetically pleasing for children. The only health and safety risk I can think of is that if the child puts it in their mouth, they could choke or suffocate on the edges. Educational Value This product educationally benefits children as they will learn how to problem solve, so that it teaches the child to work things out for themselves as part of their cognitive development. Also as part of this, it helps children who are learning to read as this toy helps the child start to read for themselves. i http://www.elc.co.uk/nurseries/toy-42845?&category=&age=&price=&els=&filter=filter ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 6 ...read more.

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