Care Provision - highlighting gaps and provisions research

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Highlighting gaps- 

Research into highlighting gaps has found that service in health and social care is extensive and that in more deprived areas health is still extremely poor and many different groups of people such as the homeless and the elderly do not use or have access to all services that are available. There are many different reasons why certain groups of people do not have access to some services these vary from social and economic changes, to being homeless. The homeless people are the most vulnerable and the most in need of support however these people are the ones who find it particularly difficult to access the support and services they require. Health care is an area in which they can struggle as they are unable to register with a GP preventing them from obtaining regular health care check-ups, leaving them to feel that presenting themselves at an acute setting such as A&E is their only option. The society we live in is constantly changing with complex health and social care needs and some of the needs are not always met. An example of this is if you do not have a good understanding of English you may not be able to identify your needs and which services you need. Some groups in society are prioritised such as the elderly and other marginal groups.

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Aid reflection

When taking part in research you need to evaluate the work you have undertaken this should include regularly updating a plan to see what changes may need to be made as you progress with your work. When undertaking aid reflection you need to consider factors such as what could be improved and what was successful and unsuccessful about the methods of study you have chosen etc. you should also be able to reflect on the positive and negatives and make suggestions for improving your research on the topic for future studies. At this point in the aid reflection ...

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