Childcare. Different Settings for Childcare and Keeping Information Confidential.

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Name: Nina Krysa         Candidate number: 10/679415       Date: 8/11/10            Unit number:  1

D1 Describe the purpose of one setting that is statutory provision for each age range.

There are many settings which provide care for children. One statutory setting which provides care for children from the age of 3 to 5 would be a nursery for example Our lady of Peace Nursery.  ‘’They exist because there is a law that states that all children should be educated’’ (Tassoni 2007 pg3) and will have to follow the government or local authority to have them open. The purpose of this setting is to give children registered care facilities which offer full time and part time care for the children and provides pre-school education experiences such as constructive activities, etc... As well as an opportunity to socialize with their classmates by having the 15 hours a week of education which is delivered by the early year’s foundation for 36 weeks a year.

     Another example of a statutory setting for children aged between 5 & 7 is a primary school such as Claycots primary school.  The children are either in Year 1 or year2 and require knowledge, understanding and skills for subjects that must be studied and they would be art and design, English, Math, geography, music, physical education (P.E) and science. By children studying these subjects the teachers can use to check the child's progress and help them in their future learning which could be than tested and reported to the child’s parents.

D2 Describe the purpose of one setting that is a different type of provision for each age range.

There are many settings which provide care for children. One setting that is not statutory for children under 5 years old would be a voluntary organization such as a parent and toddler group run by the local church such as all Saints Toddler Group. Users of the organization would pay a small fee to attend as it is not designed to make a profit but help the users. They are usually set up within the community for few hours once or twice a week. The aim of this setting is for parents, other family members and anyone else who may care for the child to meet other adults and talk. It is also a time where the children going with them can socialize with other children, their age by many different activities.

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The other setting would be dance classes for children between 5 and 7 years, for example Great Early Childhood Dance classes. It would normally cost for the child to join and parents or guardians of the child tend to pay for the child joining. It is run after school or during the child’s free time.  They aim to give children dance lessons which will teach those dances e.g.: Ballet, Jazz, free-style and many more by a qualified teacher. Those lessons should encourage the child to develop the self-confidents through the music and movement and give the children, the ...

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