Commentary on "Bad Habits and Bad food are killing us" by Christina Patterson.

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Bad Habits and Bad food are killing us

In this article Christina Patterson is stating how Diana Carney (the bank of englands wife) had offered her back to school tips to parents on her blog, but Christina Patterson states that she had forgotten how important it is for a parent to look after their children’s health. This is true as children today spend most of their time in front of a TV screen or a computer screen however it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child is participating in physical activities.

In this article it states that UCL Hospital's researchers discovered , that half of seven year olds do less than an hour of physical activity in any day and that children need a positive attitude towards exercising, they should be offered choices and a wide range of activities that they could engage in. I feel this statement true schools should offer more than just PE and playtime for exercise, they should offer after school clubs that will enhance and promote their physical development.  It may be the case that some schools offer these services for children but children may not go to them because the parents cannot finance after school clubs so the children miss out.  For some children the only exercise they may get is when they have PE or playtime in school, this could be due to the living conditions children have at home such as living in a deprived area where there is no playground, park or green area for them to exercise.  Therefore schools should offer after school clubs with a wide variety of activities to interest girls and boys and which are affordable or even free for some parents who may not be able to afford this.  For example parents on job seekers allowance should access this provision for free and parents who work should be encouraged to finance the clubs dependant on their income.

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In this article it Christina Patterson states that schools should be responsible for teaching pupils how to cook and eat healthy, this statement is true because as I have seen through observation during work placement; children who have school meals are provided with healthy nutritious food but the children who are provided with packed lunch do not all have healthy foods and these tend to be packed with salty sugary foods and drinks.  I personally think where parents are failing in this area the school should work in partnership with the parents to discuss, offer advice and support them on ...

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