Communicating with Hindus in care settings

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My scenario: A group meeting with the family of an elderly Hindu man living in a care facility for the elderly. The rest of the family are also from the Hindu religion. We will be discussing how the family are feeling about him living in the care home since he has been there for a month now, and I will try to find out any problems they have or any changes they would suggest to make. The Hindu man will also be present in the meeting. Due to old age, he has a mild hearing impairment.

Hindus, unlike most religions, are free to practise their religion how they choose, so there aren't really any strict guidelines to follow. Because of this, I will have to ensure that in the meeting I discuss religious observance needs with the patient and his family, such as prayer, meditation, bathing and cleanliness, and dietary needs.

Prayer and meditation are very important to Hindus, and although there are no set times for prayers, most Hindus pray in the morning, therefore I will arrange the meeting for early afternoon, just after lunch, so as to not disrupt his morning prayer routine or his lunch time arrangements. I will ask him and his family if his current arrangements for prayer are okay, or if there are any changes that they want me to make, for example taking him into a specific location at a certain time of day or if he wants with him any religious statues or objects, as this is common practise for Hindus.

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The concept of bathing and cleanliness is important to Hindu life as it represents the concept of purity. Most Hindus have a ritual of cleanliness and prayer which includes brushing teeth immediately upon waking, followed by bathing and then eating.

I will ask the man and his family if any special arrangements for mornings are to be arranged so that he can be up and washed before going to breakfast at the scheduled time of 9am. Also, along with the cleanliness concept for Hindus, I will wash my hands and ensure I am looking clean and tidy before the ...

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