Communication in health care settings

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Katrina Hamill

Communication in Health Care Settings

Communication is needed for all health care settings.  It is the use of words and stringing words together into sentences.  A minimum of two people are involved and there is no maximum.  Communication is the way in which we contact each other and a way to give or receive information.  There are many different types of communication, I will be discussing oral communication, written communication, computerized communication and different special methods of communication.        

Communication in health care setting is very important for care workers and service users to understand how each other feel and their thoughts on any situation they come into contact with.  It is important to build relationships and understand each other.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Reasons for Communication

Why do people communicate?

Usually people communicate with each other to give and receive information.  This information could be even feelings and thoughts, people’s opinions.  It is interacting with others at an interpersonal level.  It is needed for any type of care setting.

Why is Communication Important?

Communication is very important.  Without communicating no-one would understand anyone else.  We communicate to listen to one another.  Communicating helps us find out information, this can be even how another person feels and their thoughts.  It is vital in all care settings, service users and care workers must talk to each other and communicate to help each other out.  We communicate to get a response and to feel valued.  We need to communicate to get our opinions out.  Communication is important to build trust and relationships between each other.  It makes us feel safe.  We need to communicate to understand each others needs.  Communication is also needed to assure people and make them feel better.  It can be to calm someone down if they’re panicking.  There are many reasons for communication and why it is important.  

Who Communicates? (Where it takes place)

Communication takes place all around us.  Communication takes place in hospitals, dentists, at home, at school, over the phone, nursing homes etc.  It can take place anywhere.  

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Communication can take place between the doctors and nurses in a hospital, it can take place between the ambulance workers, porters and receptionists.  They would also communicate to the patients and their families.  They all need to interact with each other to do their job.  Doctors need to talk to their patients about their conditions and how to get better.  Ambulance workers need to tell doctors about the patients they pick up, what happened them, what they did etc.

Communication can take place between dentists, their receptionists and patients.  The dentist may have to tell a patient they ...

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