Describe and explain how to communicate with children of different ages.

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P2 + M1 – Describe and explain how to communicate with children

The way you communicate with children is very important in teaching them how to communicate but also for the relationship you will share with the child. Non-verbal communication is also important this includes things like body language, facial expressions, stance and gestures.

Barriers to communication – you may find it hard communicating with a child there could be various reasons for this which could be: their communication development is impaired in some way, they speak a different language, and you don’t understand them because you don’t know them well enough or you have made assumptions.  You should speak slowly and clearly to a child and focus on what they are saying to you.

Stereotyping – You should not stereotype, for example saying ‘Asians are intelligent’ is a positive stereotype but ‘African origin people are aggressive’ is a bad stereotype. When communicating with a child you should not care what culture they are or where they are.

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0-3 months – Talking to a baby of this age is easy, as they will find your voice soothing. Babies of this age like the sound of your voice and some babies may even try to respond to you when you try talking to them. They also enjoy listening to soothing music so singing to a baby of this age is a good idea. Babies can also sense a change in tone for example if you speak to them with anger or shout they can sense this and that is why they start crying.

3-6 months – For ...

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