Describe Factors Thet May Affect Self-Esteem.

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Self Esteem

A person's self esteem may be low because of their gender. Gender is in regard to being a man or woman. Categorizing an individual can affect a person's self-concept of stereotyping job roles for males and females. For example, men should play football and women should stay at home and cook meals and also look after the children. A person may feel that they are under pressure to fit a certain job role or social role and therefore other people's opinions and views could cause a person to have low self esteem. Finally, I believe that this factors may influence an individual's self-concept as everyone should be treated equally despite their gender.

Another factor is relationships with others. Relationship can impact an individual's self concept if you do not have a supportive family,or supportive friends. Relationship with family affect and influence your self esteem. This is because an individual may imitate attitudes and reactions when they are young and there is a huge influence when a person is young because it is the stage where they learn what is right and wrong.

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This may lead the individual to have a negative self concept with socialisation. Furthermore, having high expectations can also have a negative self concept of an individual, also if the person has been compared to other friendship groups or siblings can have a negative influence as they may feel that they are letting people down because they aren’t as good as who they are being compared to.

Appearance can affect an individual's self-concept both positively and harmfully. For example, appearance constructive influence will be pictures displayed by sports encouraging individuals to keep up a healthy lifestyle.  The beginning ...

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