Developing Effective Communication in Health & Social Care - how I develop and use my communication skills in one to one and group interaction task with service users in Health and Social setting.

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In this final assignment I will talk about how I develop and use my communication skills in one to one and group interaction task with service users in Health and Social setting.

My first placement was in Royal School for Deaf Children where I was working with adolescence young people. Most of them live in residential flats under support workers supervision and have hearing and learning difficulties. To overcome a barrier to communicate they are using Sign language, Hearing Aids and some of them using lip reading.

On beginning of my place work I was explained that in this setting using right body language is very important to gain positive outcomes in certain situations.

My one to one interaction was during my second time in the residential flat, where live two girls age 15 and 16. One to one dialog was taken place after when girl X saw my identification badge which saying that I am student in the Thanet College. She was very interesting about me and what I do in the college. We was sitting by the dinning table in front each others and she was signing to me very quickly. One of the main barrier to communicate to each others was that I am not able to understand her because my limited knowledge of sign language and also because she was sign too quick. By using help from support worker who showed to me signs, I asking girl X sign to me slowly so I can understand her. To encourage her in communication with me I used eye contact and my body language. I made sure that my body language was relaxed which seemed effective as it made the girl X feel more relaxed around me. I believed the most effective communication that was used in my one-to-one was the use of facial expressions; and I believe in that because with my limited knowledge of sign language we still made us understand each others non-verbal messages. For example, when she sighed to me that she attending some time to the Thanet College to do some cooking there, I slightly holds my head which explains that ” I understand you” and she carried on signing.

In us dialog we both was using facial expression by showing happy faces with smiling to each others and sad faces when she told me that she missing her family a lot. To help with overcome communication barrier and filled gaps in my knowledge of sign language sometimes I used gestures made with hands or arms in case when I don’t understand and have difficulty to sign back. Another way of overcome communication was written words which help me to explain where I live.

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My group communication task been taken place as a part in shopping trip to Asda with two young service users and one support worker. When we went to Asda on beginning of entrance we faced problem between that two girls. They was making lots of noise which is significant to people with hearing impairment and both in the same time signing to me and support worker that they both want to push shopping trolley. To calm them down support worker sign to them that this is inappropriate behaviour and need stop this noise because they are now big girls and need ...

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