Development through the life stages M3

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Development through the life stages M3

In this report I am going discuss how the changes in ageing affect a person’s confidence and self-esteem. Aging is the process the body goes through overtime. Self-confidence focuses on being self-assured. It’s about being positive about yourself. Self-esteem is about how a person evaluates them-self.


Ageing can be looked at differently depending on the person, for example many adults will recognise the needs and respect the older person as they know they will be there one day themselves whereas the younger age group do not really understand older people. Several old people are discriminated and stereotyped by some people as they are looked upon as a problem in society. This could affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence as this fits into the disengagement theory. Maybe the older person may feel forced to disengage due to the discrimination.  

Memory loss is one of the most common psychological effects of aging. For many people, remembering everyday things becomes more difficult. Memory loss affects short-term memory more than long-term.

Losing a partner

 Losing a partner can be a big shock and heart breaking for a person. This could cause the person to become depressed as it will be a very sad time in their life. The thought of being alone could scare an individual and could make them feel angry because their partner has left. Depression is common for an individual to suffer from if their partner dies. Throughout this time in the life an individual may need counselling or some sort of emotional support regarding the loss of a partner as for maybe 50 years had them the partner as support. A person’s self-esteem maybe low at this stage as they might blame themself for the reasons their partner died and this may cause depression. An individual’s self-confidence will also be low as the person may not want to interact and communicate and be around other people. The person may want to be alone to sit quietly and remember all the good times between them and their partner.

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 As a person ages, health problems are more likely to occur they are more likely to be less mobile and interact socially, this may be quite stressful for an individual. Older people may feel separated from the world, maybe because they are not working anymore and not getting out as much. However for some people, after retirement they feel free and are excited about doing different activities. Children will have moved out an older person may have the time now to enjoy and do things they never had time to do. Men probably more than women will find it ...

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