Discuss complementary therapies that are available for users of health and social care services

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         National Diploma in Health and Social Care

Unit 23 – M1

Discuss complementary therapies that are available for users of health and social care services – M1

Reflexology is a therapy which would include all the different parts of the person being pressed. Reflexology would not be used to cure a disorder although many people would undergo reflexology because they feel relieve from their disorder. These conditions include: anxiety, asthma, cancer treatments, diabetes, headaches, cardiovascular issues and kidney functions. This therapy would be available for people who access health and social care services. However, the disadvantage of this therapy would be that it is not NHS funded so service users would have to pay to access this therapy. Although the advantage would be that the service user of health and social care services would feel at ease after having this therapy. This will enable the individual to have a better recovery as it would make them feel relaxed and better about the treatment they may undergo, for example, chemotherapy. Reflexology would benefit the health and social care users as it is a holistic treatment which would look into treating the person as a whole including their body, spirit and mind. The therapy would enable the service user’s body to heal both emotionally and physically. The therapy would make the service user feel relaxed as the therapy does not just involve feet but involves the whole body which enables the body to release tension.

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Swedish relaxation massage would be available for health and social care service users as it would use different methods to reduce an individual’s roughness of skin. For example, people who have diabetes may have rough skin on their feet as they may not take care of them. This therapy would enable the individual’s rough skin to be taken off so it enables the individual to have good treatment as not having good feet for people with diabetes could be a huge risk and can lead to cutting of toe or fingers. This therapy would be available for people who may ...

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