Discuss nature and nurture in health and social care

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What is Nature?

Nature is part of a long standing debate that is about an individuals characteristics.  People who believe in the nature part of the debate believe that all of a persons characteristics are inherited from their parents, this includes everything from your eye and skin colour o your behaviour and personality.  Nature includes all the genetic parts of your development, so you would have gained your behaviour, looks and personality from your parents.

Example of nature: A man who has been in prison for aggressive behaviour has a son, as his son grows up the child shows more anger than perhaps other children generally would. Some people could think that this was inherited from his father, whilst others could believe that the environment in which the child was brought up in has influenced this.

Nature can also be linked to illness. People who believe in nature could think that because one of your parents has asthma, then their child will to. Although this could also have been effected by the environment. Drug and alcohol addictions could also be included within the debate, or example if a child is born drug dependant because of the parents drug use during pregnancy, then this shows that the drugs have coded within their genes and the child would be exposed to drugs when they have grown up. People who believe in the nature part of the debate would think that because the child was exposed to drugs when they were younger, then they are more likely to be involved with drug use when they are of an older age.

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What is Nurture?

Nurture is the other part of the debate and it is the opposite of nature. This is where people believe that we adapt to the environments we are brought up in.

Example of nurture:  A couple have twins and after breaking up, one twin lives with each parent. As a result of this, both of them become very different, people could believe that this is because of how they were brought up, whilst some could argue that the twins have similar interests and personalities.

    Nurture can also be linked to illness, the environment has ...

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This work discusses nature and nurture in relation to child development. The description of nature and nurture was good, but some of the examples given for how they relate to child development were weak, for example the example regarding nurture and physical development. Please make sure that the examples are easy to understand. I would have liked to have seen examples from other settings such as a hospital or nursery which would evidence the ability to think more widely. The writing style was satisfactory but there was room for improvement in terms of use of punctuation and reducing grammatical errors