Diversity in Society

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Diversity in today’s society

In today’s society diversity is all about treating all individuals equally and not discriminating or stereotyping someone based on gender, age, race, sexuality, culture, disability etc. Emmett Till a 14 year old black American was murdered by a white man in 1955 because he may have flirted with his wife and found that a black young man doing this should have consequences. So they tortured him and killed him. Three days later some men fishing discovered the body. Emmett’s mother held a funeral for her son with an open casket. She wanted everyone to see what these horrible men had done to her son, the press published pictures and because of this mother’s actions she helped many people realise that this treatment to black people needed to be ended and this also helped move the civil rights movement forward.

In 1955 many black people were subjected to racial segregation in America and were only allowed to sit in particular places and couldn’t participate in activities or have the same chances as white people had. Rosa Parks a young black woman refused to give up her sit to a white person. The Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted for 385 days and was led by Martin Luther King Jr. When the campaign and boycott was over, racial segregation on buses didn’t exist anymore and this transformed Martin Luther King Jr into a public figure. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream and wanted to change people's perceptions of black people. In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr gave a 17 minute speech which is now known as “I have a dream”. This speech helped make the path clearly for the civil rights movement and made the civil rights movement a more serious issue that needed to be dealt with first by the government.

In the economy many children and families may be less fortunate than others and may not be able to offer their children the same chances as other children. For example at Christmas many wealthy families or ‘middle class families’ may be able to get their children lots of presents and this may make their children aspect more and may become selfish when they get older. The less fortunate children that see the children with lots of presents many possible feel devalued even though this isn’t the case and this therefore can create people to stereotype based on what someone may or may not have. Jobs can also affect diversity and valuing each other equally, people can stereotype very easily, sometimes you may have a job that people may call as sleazy yet it may be the only way you can get yourself through university or raise your child etc.

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In this current economy when it’s hard to find a job many employers may discriminate someone based on their age and this is known as ageism. If you had people applying for a job in a school and you had someone who was 50 years old apply and had greater qualifications than a 19 year old, who would you hire?

In this day and age you’d believe that same sex marriage would have been legal in England  for a long time yet it was only recently that same sex marriage became legal In this article wrote before the vote the ...

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