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Early Years Visit to City Farm Report.

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´╗┐ASS 01 EYPS ASSESSMENT: CANDIDATE RESPONSE SHEET FOR ASSIGNMENT 1 ASSIGNMENT 1 Lead and support other Practitioners in implementing aspects of the EYFS for babies (0-20 months) CandidatE: Registration No Lead Mentor Submission Date Please use this proforma to report on the activity you have undertaken. In the right-hand column, you should record the principal standards that you think that you have evidenced by this activity: It is essential that you provide evidence for S2 and 26. In addition you are expected to focus on the following standards: S1-6: Knowledge & Understanding; and S7-24: Effective Practice. You do not have to evidence every standard within the above groups of standards and you may also reference other standards if you wish. ...read more.


We queue for the pony ride and put on the safety hat and have our ride. Whilst we wait and after our pony ride we feed the baby animals. We know the animals by name, we see the food they eat and we hand feed them food. We wash our hands after the activitiy. S4.1 1.4: What happened when you carried out the work Std One small child was terrified of the animals but enjoyed being at the farm and watching the others ride horses and feed the animals. After 3 months of going to the farm she announced one day she wanted to go to the farm for a pony ride. ...read more.


We go to the farm where animals live and we help look after them by feeding them or petting them or supporting them to have a happy life. Children conquer their fear and ignorance of animals, what they do etc by being in regular contact with them. They must also learn good hygiene and safeguarding practice on a working farm with tractors and other farm vehicles. S1.3 1.6: Your personal learning Std In smiling through touching, petting and feeding animals I have also conquered my fear of animals and have to put my money where my mouth is when I tell the children ?it?s ok, you can touch them, they won?t hurt you? despite being quite scared myself. S8 EYPS Assessment: Candidate Response sheet for Assignment March 2012 ...read more.

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