Effective Communication Case Study- P3 & P4

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P3 & P4

There are many factors that affect Ahmed’s ability to communicate with others, the factors are that he is partially sighted, he has a learning disability, Ahmed also struggles with English and lastly he is very withdrawn from others. To overcome these barriers many strategies will need to be put in place to enable him to communicate effectively.

One factor is that he is partially sighted which means it will be difficult for him to see when talking to his teacher or other students in his class. This is a barrier to his communication because it stops him from communicating as he is limited to what he can see for example, if a child is trying to call Ahmed from a far distance using hand gestures, Ahmed may find it difficult to see that child, which can prevent him from making friends. This means his communication skills will not be effective.  If someone is using non-verbal communication, he will not be able to see which means he could interpret things in a different way because non-verbal communication can be used to express your feelings. This will affect the way Ahmed will communicate because if he is limited to what he can see it will stop him from getting involved and also if he is not able to see non verbal communication clearly he may misinterpret the conversation. When getting involved in group practical work it may be difficult to participate as will not be able to see.  A strategy that could be put in place is having a magnified board to put over his worksheets which will help him with seeing the words. This can be put in place so Ahmed is able to get involved with the schoolwork and could potentially help his language development as he is able to read certain words but may need a teacher with him to guide him.  This magnified board can encourage him to participate in more activities and he may feel comfortable knowing he can see what the other students are seeing.  Another strategy that could be put in place to overcome this barrier is having bigger font sizes on work sheets, books or computers. This will make it easier for Ahmed to see and it could make him feel normal like everyone else. It may encourage him to sit in a group with other children and get involved.

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Another factor that affects his ability to communicate is that he has a learning disability. This is a potential barrier that comes in the way of Ahmed’s communication as he may feel different than the other children in his class. Because Ahmed has a learning disability it changes the way he thinks and interprets things. “Children with learning disabilities see, hear and understand things differently. This can lead to difficulty with learning new information and skills and putting them to use.” ( Accessed 14/10/15) This can make Ahmed feel left out from the other children and discourage him to communicate. This ...

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