equality and diversity

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Explain the benefits of diversity in society (P1)

The benefits of diversity in a society are the advantages a society gain from diversity.

Diversity helps in meeting different people from different countries, thus helping to

learn different culture, different food, various religions, different language and people

coming together to socialise. Being open to other cultures enriches everyone and

means that our everyday lives are more interesting, even at the basic levels as the

types of food we eat. Fashion often borrows from other cultures, and popular music

has benefited from cultural influences. Example Notting hill carnival

Diversity helps increase a society economics gains. Diversity opens the opportunity

for others to explore  their skills in other country. These include nurses from countries

such as South Africa into Britain and the Philippians. All these contribute to economic

growth. Other benefits from diversity are forms of complementary medicine, such as

acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy, which have their roots in others culture.

For example, in the 1950s when demand for new housing was high and  the numbers of available workers in short supply, Italians were encourage to come to England to work in the brick-making industry and many stayed and settled in the Midlands. We only have to visit our local supermarket or walk down the streets on our towns to see the influence of diversity on society.  The variety of food available tells its own story as there are tastes and texture from around the world on our doorstep. We can eat food in our own homes that previously we would have had to travel far and wide to experience. Exotic fruits, vegetables and spices have been arriving in Britain for a long time but now more than ever before these are the basis of everyday food fro many people rather than the privileged few. Much of the music we listen to has been greatly influenced by Africa music, mediated through black Americans whether it is rhythm and blues, jazz, hip-hop, soul or rock, Artists such as Picasso were, fro example, influence by Africa art while other creative arts including fashion and design demonstrate the diversity of ideas and influence that come from other cultures and experiences. The increase number of people from diverse background, cultures and race that are noticeable in public life, whether in the popular media of TV, music, entertainment and film, sport or in high profile jobs such as MPs, lawyers and academics have all contributed to second and third generation black British people finding an identity which confirms their position in society as one of equality.

As society changes, there is a need to develop a better understanding, one that engenders tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Multicultural society is made up of people from different countries and backgrounds living and working together in villages, towns and cities. One benefit of living socially diverse society is the easy access we all have to a range of different traditions and arts forms from all around the world. Another benefit is the wide variety of foods that are available. Many people enjoy foods that contain spices, herbs and fruit flavoured while other people enjoy food that is less spices.

The social Cashion and cultural change that have resulted from people from around the world setting or just passing through Britain has left a legacy. Each group of migrants has left their mark and caused Britain to develop and progress as a society. Sometimes we have actively sought the help of people from other countries in order to fuel that progress economically. Fro example, in the 1950s when the demand for new housing was high and the numbers of available workers in short supply, Italians were encouraged to come to England to work in the brick-making industry and many stayed in the midlands.

Tolerance is important to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities. And it is the recognition of the fact that everyone is different. This can lead to social cohesion which means that groups within society will reflect unity.

Respecting diversity means accepting and appreciating that all service users are different. This lead to promoting fair and equal opportunities, as society changes, there is a need to develop a better understanding, one that engenders tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

As part of the National Curriculum in school, children and young people are taught to value to value diversity through exploring other cultures and world religions, as these are more representative of the population. As society changes, there is a need to develop a better understanding, one that engenders tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

The English language is already formed from a complete mix of other French through to Latin, Germanic, Celtic and Nordic. New groups of settlers into the country are also bringing elements of their language with them. These new words are slowly being assimilated into everyday speech. Other language users bring additional benefits. For example, having the opportunity to live and work with people from other countries.


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