Equality, diversity and rights

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Unit 2 – Equality , Diversity And Rights

Equality, diversity and rights

  • The meaning of the word equality is that all individuals have the same value but it still doesn’t mean that they all should be treated in the same way. We as individuals need to value diversity. Equality is in the term that every individual has equal opportunities. In the health and social care settings and other work places have equal opportunities policy; this type of policy will create a level playing field in the work place so that the people are treated equally.

  • The meaning of the word equity means being fair. In the health and social care settings equity is about to ensure that all individuals have fair and equal accesses to services like doctors, medication and also treatment, it also means that the needs from service users should be treated in a fair way and receive equal treatment form the doctors, medi fdcation and services.

  •  The word diversity is used to describe the differences between all individuals, it’s very important to acknowledge them differences. There are two main reasons to respect the diversity of other individuals and these are the two following reasons:
  1. It’s not fair and can be illegal to treat people from different minority groups differently or in a discriminatory way.
  2. It’s important to know and accept that there are positive benefits to society when diversity is respected. If we value diversity it can open our minds to new and exiting experiences and also to new ways of thinking which can make our lives interesting. Society helps us to respect diversity because by not caring for minority groups we will miss their valuable culture.

(P1) Explain the benefits of diversity to society:

We now live in a multicultural society, this means that we live in a society with many different people of different religions, cultures and also other regions, we all live together in a same society. We are very lucky to be able to take part in a society where we can learn about many ways of living from other people.

Multicultural in Britain:

  • Appearance
  • Religion
  • Clothing
  • Food and drinks
  • Social and political diversity

The multicultural benefits of living in London:

Education: It’s very important that equality and diversity is respected in the educational agenda. The educational system insures that every one has an opportunity to succeed no matter what background they’re from. The education has benefited form the cultural diversity in a lot of different ways like the lessons studied in colleges and schools now include cultures and religions of different groups of the population and also the wide range of foreign languages. Individuals now have opportunities of succeeding and aiming for their career and this type of opportunity does not exist in a lot of countries.

Language: The English language is formed a mix of other languages from French to Latin etc. As people come to London they bring their elements of their language with them and these elemental words are now used in everyday speeches. Other individuals bring additional benefits like they have an opportunity to live and work with people from different countries and they also have a chance to learn something new. Colleges and schools now teach foreign languages so that the people have opportunities to work abroad.

Arts: We have a one good benefit of living in a multicultural society and it because we will have an easy access to a range of different traditions and art from different countries all over the world. Museums and galleries now display the heritage and beliefs of many different societies. Cinemas and theatres give us an opportunity to gain access into other cultures and languages. Health and social care professionals help us understand what people from different background need that’s different from us.

Food: The other positive vies of living in a diverse multicultural society is the type of variety of food that is available. This is a really positive thing for health and social care workers as they provide dietary needs for individuals. It’s important to know that a lot of people now prefer different types of foods from different backgrounds, although many elderly people do not prefer different types of foods from different types of backgrounds, they only eat English traditional food. Our food choices have developed from an early age as we liked to sense different types of food.

Cultural enrichment: The benefits that we already have explored like different types of food, religions, culture and languages are available and legal to be accessed by every individual that will mean that we will become culturally enriched. Culture now a day is actually developed more into every society as different people from different countries bring their cultural elements with them into our society.

Tolerance: Putting up with something or someone is not the only meaning of tolerance and its very important to recognize this, In a society and in a work place we don’t have to be friends with everyone but we still have to behave in a good respectful way. The health care professionals should be able to talk to the service users with dignity and in a caring way and also to the colleges. Even though we don’t hold the same values and beliefs and traditions we should be able to understand the concepts to the other person’s beliefs and respect their right to keep that belief as long as it doesn’t harm anyone in the work place or society.

Economic benefits of diversity: 

The economic benefits of diversity can be seen by everyone through the work that has been made to the society at different levels by the people living there and working in their community. Links are made to other countries like import, and export and the economy can be passed from one country to another all over the world.  

Employment:  When an individual uses their acknowledge and skills to start a new business, there are going to be opportunities for the employment, new jobs being created for example a therapist has now been employed in the hospice movements to bring relief and also manage the stress of many service users being treated. Now day’s new therapists are providing opportunities offering employment and also educational opportunities within the health and social care settings.

Expertise: Doctors and nurses from different backgrounds bring us to how diversity enriches our health services with new levels of acknowledge. There are a lot of type of medication that are originated form abroad like the heart transplant was first created in Africa and now are being used in many different countries. A lot of our medication comes from different countries abroad like Finland helps Britain and other countries on what should be done in a coronary heart condition.

(P2) Use recognized terminology to explain the importance of promoting equality, recognizing diversity and respecting rights in health and social care settings:

Equity: The main principles of equity are that every individual should have equal opportunities. The meaning of equal opportunities means that every individual should have the same right and to be treated in a fair way, it doesn’t matter what background they’re from. They should be allowed to access the hospitals and medication and also the needs form the service user should be treated in a respective way.

Diversity: Diversity is being used to explain and know the differences between every individual. In our society and in the health and social care settings it’s very important to recognize those differences in a person. When we respect diversity we have an opportunity to socialize in a positive way in our multicultural society as we will develop beliefs, language, different types of food and cultures.

Equality: In a multicultural society we meet people who are different from us, it would be very easy for us to see seem as not normal that’s because we are all not the same. People that are different still have the same value but it doesn’t mean that we will be treated the same.    

Terminology:  The meaning of terminology is to recognize the value the importance of diversity and it’s very important in a health and social care settings. It’s very important to understand and use the appropriate words to describe issues. It’s very important to explore on so many words so that every individual and service users will understand the issue clearly.

Labeling: This is another way in which our thinking can lead to discrimination. A lot of times a lot of individuals do this without even knowing. A label is a word applied to an individual that is seen as fat, uneducated and mean. When labeling an individual can lead a person into a low self esteem and also take away their identity. The issues in the health and social care settings are that people may loose their dignity and will be treated less than supposed to.

Advocacy: This is a used term word meaning individuals or service users have a choice and they must be able to understand what is available and express their opinions and choices. This term is used that every one should have equal opportunities no matter what background they’re from. Some service users may be to ill to express their opinions, when this issue occur they have the right to have advocate, this can be a family member, a friend or even a doctor.

Empathy: This word means that we as individuals have an opportunity to gain a closer understanding of other individuals we need to understand the other person feelings, values and also their beliefs so we can have an positive opinion about them instead of discriminating against them. Every one has different values and beliefs but at the same time they should all be respected and not being discriminated against.

Empowerment: This word is used in the term to enable individual or a service user in a health and social care settings. Service users have the opportunity and there for should have no power to control their own personal lives as much as possible. Cares should assist the service users to make their own choices and not some one else making it for them. Foe example he government empowers the NHS what to do and how to do their jobs.

The care value base: The care value base means that services should be able to everyone when they’re in need. It’s very important and in the law that the care services should not discriminate against any group in the society. Services should and need to respect a service user. Social characteristics views and their beliefs to provide diversity in people and also equality. The service users should have their choices wherever they are and also it’s very important that nothing should be done without their agreement.

There are 6 basic rules in a service, and these are the following 6:

  • Rights: Rights and responsibilities are linked together this means that everyone has access to human rights and also have the rights towards other people basic human rights. In the UK human rights have been incorporated into the legal system and these are the following 15:

1: Rights to life                     2: Prohibition of torture          3: Rights to security  

       4: Prohibition of slavery and forced labor             5: No punishment without law

6: Right to a fair trail            7: Right to marry                    8: Freedom of thought

       9: Right to respect private family life                    10: Ablation of death penalty  

11: Freedom of expression   12: Right to education          13:   Right to free elections

      14: Protection of property                                     15: Prohibition to discrimination  

These human rights are taken from the human rights act 2000. Applying these rights is the meaning to the way the service provides treatment and care for service users on the health and social care settings.

Independence: This word is linked to empowerment independent means enabling individuals to live life to the fullest without having require help from others to carry out rules tasks form others or to tell them, when and how to do something. Good health professionals will carry out caring health and social care tasks with their service users not for them. Independence is linked to live your own life however you want to and to control it.

Choices: Choices mean that every individual should make their own choices as they are entitled to. In the health and social care settings it’s very important that the service users make their own choices relating to their health issues. The doctors or nurses should give information that the service user requires or that they need to know but however they cannot make choices for them as its illegal, if the service user is ill and cannot communicate a member of a family or the doctor can make the right choice for them as the service user cannot communicate.

Fulfillment:  This word is used in a term when the service user’s health condition has been improved they will feel very fulfillment this means that they will feel emotionally satisfied and very happy. The service user’s desire for their health has been completed or achieved in a very positive way.

Dignity: In the health and social care settings it’s very important to treat the service users with respect. This is legislation and a law that has been in power from the government. The service user needs to be respected din every way and should not be discriminated at in any way no matter what background they’re from. When the service user is being respected in a positive way they will feel worthy and very full self esteem and this is really important to the health and social care settings.

Privacy: Service users can have their privacy as its legal in health and social care settings. Privacy is a term used of word to keep something private as the other people cannot know about it only you know about it this also comes under the word of confidentiality. Privacy provides the service user with a lot of space between them and only that service user can access.  

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(P3) Explain potential effects of discriminatory practice on those who use health and social care services.

Discrimination is linked to individuals that are different from us and will have a negative opinion against them and also will tend to discriminate. There are number of groups in society that are vulnerable. We now know the main discriminatory groups which are:

Culture – A culture has been developed through sound interactions that have been exposed since they were brought up. Their beliefs and behavior has been formed by the family and the society that they live in. If ...

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