Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others

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D1: Evaluate how personal learning and development may benefit others

In this assessment, I will be evaluating how my personal learning and development has benefitted others around me. Most of the time, the process of learning from others can be highly beneficial and can be very effective but occasionally, the wrong type of information or knowledge can be passed on to others which may not necessarily help them in any way but may actually be a hindrance. Therefore, I will be assessing both the positive and negative impacts of learning and understand what effect it can impose on others.

There are vast number of things we can learn from people, whether they are present in our lives or other media influences. Many learning experiences have a positive impact on us but can also be negative. Some of the things that can be transferred to one person to another start from a very young age, and one of them is learning to walk. We learn this primarily through our parents by them helping us to gain our balance as they hold us when we try to move our legs in a walking motion.

Another thing that most of us tend to learn when we are young is morals, most commonly taught by our parents first. From as young as a toddler right the way up into school, we are constantly being taught morals as we are told to not do things or told whether something is right or wrong. Morals tech us the basic principles of right and wrong and the standards of behaviour we should show as a person. We learn these principles from our parents primarily and our secondary learning roles are usually teachers in a school environment who punish us for the wrong behaviour and praise us for the right behaviour. I had a strong and sturdy upbringing and from a very young age as I had morals imposed on me and so from then on, I was able to differentiate between examples of how people should act and how people shouldn’t act. I also believe that morals are learnt through the process of trial and error which we carry out ourselves, for example when I was young if I ever hit or smacked anyone, I was told off for it and the more I was told off, the more I learnt that what I was doing was wrong and with time, I knew not to repeat the same actions again.

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  Much of what we have learnt is from young age, such as learning to talk. I learnt to speak through primary socialisation from my family interacting with me with phrases they tend to repeat and so then we have the tendency to copy and imitate what they do. Through imitation, we learn basic speech as we try to copy others around us and the more we practise what they do, it starts to become second nature to us after a certain period of time.

One of the crucial ways that personal learning and development can benefit ourselves is by ...

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