Explain different psychological approaches to health practice.

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Unit 8: Psychological Perspectives for Health and Social Care.

P2: Explain different psychological approaches to health practice.

There are six different psychological approaches in psychology. I have talked about these in great detail in my previous assignment P1, I will now discuss the different psychological approaches to health practice. The six psychological approaches are; Behaviourist perspective*, Social learning theory, Psychodynamic perspective, Humanistic perspective, Cognitive perspective* and the Biological perspective.

The behaviourist perspective is all about believing that learning has occurred when you can see the changes in behavior. The behavioral learning model is the result of conditioning. Conditioning suggests that a reward following a desirable response acts as a reinforcer and increases the likelihood that the desirable response will be repeated. Reinforcement is the most important part of the behaviorist approach. A paediatric nurse in a healthcare setting provides reinforcement at each step of the process. For example, when a child is having to get a blood test done and is afraid and refusing to do so calmly, the nurse will look for a positive behavior and then gives the patient immediate reinforcement by saying, “you are such a big boy, well done!” or “you did an excellent job with that!”. Another time the behaviourist theory is used in health care includes when patients are recovering from alcoholism, they are given a drug that when mixed with alcohol produces undesirable physiological effects such as nausea and vomiting. This helps the patient associate the alcohol with the horrible effects, making the need and want to drink alcohol less and less desirable. This is a case of classical conditioning.

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Cognitive learning theorists believe that learning is an internal process in which information is integrated into one’s cognitive structure. Learning occurs through internal processing of information. One example of  how cognitive learning is used within healthcare settings includes nurses and doctors learning how to take the patients’ blood pressure, this is a complex task when you first try to learn it. The nurse or doctor must learn how to physically manipulate the blood pressure manometer, learn how to hear blood pressure sounds, and understand the meaning of the sounds. Each of these tasks can be practiced as a separate ...

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