Explain how an organisation could ensure its staff selection procedure promotes equal opportunities.

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Explain how an organisation could ensure its staff selection procedure promote equal opportunities. [12 marks]

An organisation can ensure the selection equal to making sure it is non-discriminatory. This means that all staff are selected by their ability in work ethics and their resume rather than protected characteristic, such as; age, marital status, sexual orientation, race, disability, religion and etc. For example, an interviewer cannot choose a candidate based on their race. All candidate are given a fair interview procedure. This can be done by the interview panel being mixed, having pre-listed questions or having interviews at different times and an accessible location. When regarding advertisement the organisation would need to focus on making their platform is diverse in order for it to be open up to the wide audience. The advertisement should not be limited to particular cultures or language. It should be based on the candidate resume and work ethic. Therefore, it is vital that the organisation are aware of the language they are using when advertising.

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The organisation having mixed panel would enable an equal chance for the interviewee because the others might balance it out and focus on the skills and qualities of the interviewee. The mixed panel consists of having a diverse panel, such as; gender, culture, disability, age and ethnicity. By having a mixed gender and culture panel can ensure that the interviewee is protected from prejudice viewpoint. An example to show the effectiveness of mixed panel interview in a selection procedure would be one interviewer having a prejudice feeling towards the interviewee and hopefully, the others can balance it. Thus creating a ...

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