Explain how legislation/guidance applies to challenging behavior

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Angelica Farrell

Unit 27

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P2: explain how legislation/guidance applies to challenging behavior

This task aims to explain how legislations and guidance applies to challenging behavior, for this assignment I interviewed a nursery manager at a private nursery called The Little Ones in Layton and asked her several questions regarding challenging behavior.

For my interview i asked ten questions regarding challenging behavior and also legislations that relate to service. One of the most important legislation that applies to the nursery is The Children Act 1989. This legislation is very important to the nursery because the children should be put at the heart of nursery and it is their priority to ensure that the children are safe and don’t come to any harm or danger. This legislation is a good guidance for the nursery settings as the children should be protected at all times. The nursery meets the standards of this legislation by keeping the main doors locked and having a buzzer system to stop unwanted individuals from just walking in or challenging children running out, also parents are called for if a child is in any serious harm or danger.

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In order to minimize challenging behavior at the nursery policies and procedures are put in place; the warning policy is there to ensure any child displaying challenging behavior, such as fighting, kicking, punching, spitting or biting towards another child or a member of staff would be made to have time out and sit on their own and reflect on the actions they have made. Reward systems such as trips to the park also reinforce good behavior to help minimize the challenging behavior. At the nursery all staff members should be at least level 3 qualified with a full CRB also ...

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