- Explain how the setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society.

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Unit 7 – Positive Images

P7.5:- Explain how the setting promotes positive images of children and reflects a diverse society.

  • Displays

When the children and their parent(‘s)/guardians entre the class room this is the first thing they will see. When the children did their portrait they had the choice of different shades of skin colour to choose from, instead of just having the option of white or black, there were both. By having this on a display children will recognise that everybody is different, but even though there are differences, we all have equal opportunities and importance in the community and school. This will also help children who may be a minority in the setting feel proud about themselves and who they are. For example children who wear glasses. Children who wear glasses need to see images of other children wearing glasses. This is a positive image.

  • Books, English and Polish

Children who are polish and know some English have private lessons to improve their English. By having children’s story books which show polish and also English will help children to improve their English language by seeing the polish, and then the English underneath. This is diverse because it’s multi lingual. It’s reflecting a diverse society.

  • Festive

It’s important in our multicultural society that children get encouraged to learn and celebrate multicultural festivals, different ethnic groups, and also different religions, instead of just the dominate Christian ones like Christmas and Easter. This will help children to be able to understand more about the world and the people who live in it, giving the children the chance to learn about different religions, also helping them to understand that we live in a multicultural society. This is a positive image by showing children of other ethnic groups that their religion is respected by their peers. For example in my setting the children learnt and celebrated Diwali, the children were told the famous story of Rama and Sita, and also got the chance to made their own divas, and Diwali lamps, which were displayed around the class room.

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  • Black baby dolls

Having black baby dolls as well as white shows the children a positive image by showing diversity. It’s showing the children diversity because even though the baby doll has different coloured skin to the majority in the setting it’s just the same as the white baby doll, for example the children will still dress the baby, feed the baby, give it their dummy, and change their nappy, just like they would with a white baby doll. By having a black baby doll for the children to play with will also make the black children ...

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