Explain strategies used in health and social care environment to overcome barriers to effective communication and interpersonal skills.

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Unit 4

Explain strategies used in health and social care environment to overcome berries to effective communication and interpersonal skills.

 Appropriate verbal /non verbal communication: observing body language this will tell you if person is happy or not and also recognising what they are saying for example take note of the sighs, make sure you speak clearly and notice how person is taking in the answer and responding.

Staff training: using preferred language to speak to the person or bring I interpreter, staffs should be trained to be able to handle situation for it not to get worse like climbie and baby p case in the future

Assessment of need (client’s needs):

Using preferred methods of communication: identify what needs they need eg medication,diet,family, and also know clients likes and dislike this would help to know them better and help you to understand that everyone needs and wants is different.

Promoting rights: this would help to protect clients and also would show you understand and know what you are doing, would also show you are confident.

Confidentiality: this is all about trust, its important because it prevents barriers and also makes people around you feel better once there is trust  in the relationship.

Defusing aggression: this is to calm the environment/patient down so the situation doesn’t get worse or escalate.

Assertiveness: always try not to win and just focus more on solving in the situation and also use the right tone of voice to make everything calm.

Building relationship: make sure there is trust, support compromise, body language always try and overcome barriers

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Appropriate environment:  make sure the environment is good including the space, setting,lighting,

Attitude and confidence: this is understanding the person you are working with, also try to maintain positive attitude.

Communication was ineffective when it comes to victoria Climbie’s case, because a lot of barriers was not overcome, it would have been overcome maybe if the professionals involved in her case was more trained and by holding a conference, making the appropriate decisions between them and victoria herself so therefore if they was better staff then maybe victoria’s case wouldn’t ...

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