Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual with cystic fibrosis.

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P2 unit 4                        

Development through life stages

P2 Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual. Possible things

A person can develop in many ways through there life as they become more mature physically and mentally. There are certain factors that influence a person’s development and sometimes this can make their development slower, faster or even in pain. Life factors are the overview of a person’s entire life and how they live or did live their lives from a child to and adult. In this criterion there will be a further discussion on Nancy 68 year old women. There will be an insight on her life factors through the two of her life stages. The life stage will be when she was a child aged 4-9 and adult aged18-65.

The life factors that will be explained are:





As a child Nancy had a lot of life factors that influenced her development.  Genetically there are mainly influences that affect a child’s life. At conception Nancy was made by 23 pairs of chromosomes within each pair one was her fathers and the other her mothers. The chromosome pairs are the inheritance that is carried to create a new person. These genes are made up by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that has instructions in them in producing proteins that produce the human being.

There can sometimes be faults within the (DNA) that can lead a baby to grow up having severe illness. A genetic disorder is an illness caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes, especially a condition that is present from before birth. Most genetic disorders are quite rare and affect one person in every several thousands or millions.


A genetic disorder may or may not be a heritable disorder. Some genetic disorders are passed down from the parents' genes, but others are always or almost always caused by new mutations or changes to the DNA. In other cases, the same disease, such as some forms of cancer, may be caused by an inherited genetic condition in some people, by new changes in other people, and by non-genetic causes in still other people.

Cystic fibrosis is one of the genetic disorders this is caused by a defective gene. This can only be passed could only be passed on to Nancy if she had both her parents where carers of cystic fibrosis. This illness is causes by the production of the defective gene. This illness clogs the lungs up by sticky thick mucus leaving no room for the air sacs too gather oxygen. Also people born with cystic fibrosis have problems absorbing nutrients from there food leaving them malnourished. If Nancy is to have this illness she is expected to have a shorter life expectancy and she may also suffer from respiratory and chest infections. However through modern medication she is able to ease the symptioms ofcystic fibrosis.  has not been a cure however there has been medicines that can help.    

Cystic fibrosis may bring on developmental issues for Nancy if she has the illness. As she may not be as social due to her lack of attendance because of her week immune system. Also she may have a hard time putting weight on and growing taller due to her not absorbing any vitamins and minerals to help her body grow. There may also be implications with Nancy’s physical abilities. Evan though exercise is good for people with cystic fibroses however they need regular rests to catch their breath and they will also cough a lot to get rid of some of the mucus piled in side them. In children with cystic fibrosis, this can result in delayed puberty if they are severely underweight. Overall cystic fibrosis does bring influence in Nancy’s life if she has the illness. as the brain the organ that controls everything may also have difficulties functioning due to malnourishment an this can also have influence on Nancy’s cognitive development also the development of her cognitive ability can also be lost through not attend school due to her being constantly ill however there are ways that these delays in development can be helped to be stopped or reduced.

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Cystic fibrosis can also have possible influence on Nancy as an adult.  However the age of Nancy does show us that it is a very low risk of her having cystic fibrosis as she is living beyond the age of 38. 38 is the age predicted for most adults with cystic fibrosis to live. As she may be questioning whether or not she should have children or may not be with a certain person due to them also having the illness giving their child to have a higher risk of having cystic fibrosis.

 Adults with cystic fibrosis often find it ...

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