Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context

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Assignment 1

P1 Explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in a health and social care context

Effective communication is a conversation in which no one gets confused by the other person's meaning. The first thing you need to do to ensure effective communication is to use reflection (key words). The second thing is to ask Clarifying Questions; questions that try to find out the other person's true meaning. An effective conversation can also mean a conversation in which something is achieved. It can be a conversation in which two people both enjoy the conversation and learn something.

Effective communication in the health and social care setting is very important as it allows the health care worker to perform their role effectively, allowing them to work alongside their colleagues whilst developing  supportive ties with the users of the service who come from different types of backgrounds,  cultures/ and religion. People with communication disabilities are at risk of not being able to communicate effectively with their health care professionals and this could have an impact directly on their health.

Good communication is the foundation to successful relationship i.e. patient and carer, either through verbal or non verbal communication. Non verbal communication is a form of interpersonal interaction by gesticulating and eye movements. Non verbal communication skills ( Body Language)  improve relationships by helping to accurately read people’s emotions they are feeling , creating trust and responding to non verbal clues to show that you understand notice and care what the patient is saying .

 Being an effective communicator requires the person to be open minded in respecting other people’s thoughts and opinions in avoiding passing judgement on what that person is saying. Active listening is also another form of being an effective communicator as it allows you to increase your understanding of that person’s thoughts and feelings.

Eye contact and facial expressions is also a form of being an effective communicator as this shows understanding and interest in what the other person is saying.

Argyle (1972) suggest that interpersonal communication was a skill that had to be learnt , he suggests that there are six stages involved in the cycle in order for it to work you cannot skip a stage. To use this cycle effectively it requires active listening which involves paying full attention to the person who is speaking.

You would use effective formal communication when you interview or have an appointment you would use effective communication because you need to get your message clear to the person who will receive it and if got misunderstood it would be a breakdown of the communication cycle. When being in a 1-2-1 you would use formal communication which would include open body language eye contact  as well as active listening to that the conversation is effective  Using informal communication you would use it when talking to the staff around you when not  talking about your work this would include using jargon and  abbreviations.



Discuss how communication theory helps to explain effective communication

The theories of communication discuss the way to communicate such as Egan (1998) in sitting squarely to the client, preferably at a 5 o‘clock angle to avoid the possibility of staring , open body language trying to maintain an open posture at all times by not crossing your arms or legs which can appear defensive , lean in try and lean slightly towards the client  this shows that you are interested in what the other person has to say but try not to lean in to far as this may make people feel intimated rather than leaning back suggests the opposite , eye contact  try to maintain eye contact with the client  as well as looking away often  in order not to stare and relax  this should try and help the client relax, if you are fidgeting it will distract the client, being relaxed tells the client that you are comfortable its helps to put the client at ease(SOLER) . Egan theory (1988) shows that basic non verbal communication can help make a person feel involved and cared for when working with another person. Soler ensures that the five basic components of nonverbal communication can improve the listening process, it can also help guide health workers when dealing with sensitive issues.

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Argyles (1972) communication cycle is a structure that was thought up about how we like communicate with other people. It suggests that we aim of how we will say things and what we want to say as well as what we want the other person to do with that information that’s been passed on. This is the stage in which we think a lot about how we will communicate the information and to who we wish to communicate it with. Once we have thought out what we want to say and say it to, we have to consider social influences ...

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