Explain Two Theories of Aging. Unit 4 level 3 P4 P5 M2 M3 D2

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Assignment 3 – Theories of ageing

P4, M2, D2, P5, M3

P4:  In this assignment I will explain two theories which are the disengagement theory and the activity theory. 

Disengagement theory:

The disengagement theory was put together by Cumming and Henry. This theory is related to how older people naturally withdraw themselves from society and social involvement with others. This was the first theory which was introduced and developed by social scientists which was expressed in the book called ‘Growing old’ which was also by Cumming and Henry in 1961. In this book it is written that it is acceptable for older folk to withdraw themselves from the outer world and society as it is a norm nowadays due to their age. In 1975 Cumming argued that ‘It was appropriate and healthy for the older people to withdraw themselves from society and others’ as they believed it was a natural part of growing old.  The disengagement theory states that older people start to withdraw themselves from society and others because of their bodily issues i.e. physical movement, hearing loss and vision loss. Due to these issues this can deteriorate an older person’s health which then triggers off loss of communication with others and withdrawing themselves to others and society.  Also when older people have reached a certain age where they have retired this is a contributing factor for them not to be as involved as much and they lose touch with their ex colleagues. Older people may have family and friends that live far therefore they may not be able to travel much either to see them due to their health problems which also makes them more isolated.  Therefore they disengage themselves more as they have no access to the new technology as they don’t know how to use it and what to do with it as it is the new generation’s form of communication.  An example of a disengaged old person would be that their health would be a barrier for them to do things for e.g. travelling places and moving around to do things as this would endanger their health. Therefore they would rather disengage themselves and rather not use facilities etc.  This is because they are scared to use anything as they feel as though they will not know how to this is why a lot of older people are disengaged to society and people.

Activity Theory:

In the 1960’s a man called Robert Havinghurst created the activity theory.  The activity theory is related to how older folk have retired and aged and that they should still be engaged to their environment.  They should be engaged to the environment in order for them to be proactive and to be involved in activities etc.  By them doing this it will avoid them from disengaging themselves from friends and family and other activities.  In the year 1966 Bromley also argued that older people do disengage but they still need to remain active in order to prevent any form of disengagement.  The theory states that the older people who achieve optimal age are the ones that stay active for e.g.  if an elder is at the retired age and no longer works but are still socializing with friends and families and making an effort will strengthen the old person as this is a positive aspect in their life. This is because this will not make the older person feel lonely and isolated as they have support and activities to do which prevents them from being disengaged to the outer world.

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My chosen person who is Jade Cerisa Lorraine Goody who is now sadly dead, if Jade was alive today and reached to old age she would have gone through a phase where she would have been disengaged to people around her. This depends on how Jade would be around her family, friends and social group as this is a contributing factor on how she would be amongst them in her old age. This is because when reaching an old age sometimes a person disengages themselves totally from everything and choose to not be involved in things. Also when losing ...

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