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Factors affecting a child's health before and after birth.

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Biological influences before Birth Foetal Syndrome When a mother smokes during pregnancy then nicotine can affect the development of the foetus. Nicotine can limit the amount of blood and nutrition that reaches the foetus. Children who are born to mothers who smoke tend to weigh less at birth and are more prone to infections. Smoking during pregnancy can cause problems to the child and they may have difficulties regarding attention and learning in school. Drugs on the other hand can also damage a child in the womb. Alcohol can also have a negative influence on a child's development before birth. Mothers who drink during pregnancy may give birth to children with foetal alcohol syndrome. Children with this condition usually tend to be smaller and have smaller heads than a normal healthy child. These children may also have heart defects and learning difficulties. I found out that if Angelina's mother drank alcohol while pregnant of her, she would have had a foetal syndrome. Infections during Pregnancy Rubella is a very dangerous disease. It is a type of measles and if a pregnant woman becomes infected during her first months of pregnancy, it can be very dangerous. If the mother becomes infected in this period of time, her baby may be born with impaired hearing or eyesight, or even a damaged heart. Most women are vaccinated against rubella in order to prevent this risk from happening. The biological influences before birth affect the quality of a person's life will depend on the way in which the Deaf or disabled people are treated by others. If Angelina's mother got infected during pregnancy, she would have had impaired hearing or eyesight. Effects of Diet The human life starts at conception, which is nine months before we are born. A child can be affected by what their mother eats during pregnancy and breast-feeding. According to some research on animals, it suggests that if a mother has a diet that is high in sugar and fat it can result in an increase of cholesterol and also a risk of heart disease for her children later in their lives. ...read more.


Lone Parent:-A lone parent with a child or children Every home should have a functioning family and a well functioning family can help us to develop in the following ways:- * They provide our first experience of social interaction * Families can influence our view of what is socially expected of us * Our experience of family life will influence what we assume to be normal or socially acceptable behaviour * Families are where our first emotional relationships and attachments take place * The family home provides a setting that meets our physical needs for protection, food, shelter and warmth * Families can support people emotionally and also protect them from stress * Family members may help each other financially or practically. For example, families may support older relatives A dysfunctional family is a family where nothing is done appropriately; it is not working well and not providing all of the support and benefits associated with being in a family. Some reasons why some families are dysfunctional could be because:- * Family members may become stressed because of health problems, including mental health problems, poor housing and low income. * Some adults have poor parenting skills. * Some may try to control other family members in aggressive or manipulative ways * Others may be insufficiently involved with their children and so neglect them. Some parents may be inconsistent in the way that they teach children to behave socially * Some may have grown up within a dysfunctional family themselves and have little practical experience of providing appropriate relationships and support for other family members. * Stressful family environments may be a disadvantage to children. * It would be difficult to develop self-confidence if there are constant emotional tensions at home. Angelina's parents got divorced in 1976, because of this, her mother and brother had to move to another location where they had to live. ...read more.


Her self-esteem and self confidence was also brought down because of this. She didn't really have anybody to tell to let the pain off, so she used knives and sharp objects to cut herself "I collected knives and always had certain things around. For some reason, the ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me''. Jolie's frienship with Brad Pitt began after they both starred in the movie 'Mr & Mrs Smith'. Brad and Angleina are setting an example of working together not only for the sake of their children and one another, but also for those living in difficult situations. Before hand, they were not putting a priority on their time alone together, but now it seems to be changing. Angleina said '' You have to make time when you are not Mom and Dad once in a while. I think for anybody who has kids, the most important thing is that you love your children, but you also have to stay focused on each other so that you stay strong. And you staying strong as a couple keeps the kids in an even better place." Angelina is trying to make her family a good one, seeing as she came from a broken home. She doesn't want her children to go through what she went through when she was little, so she is building up her home to the best of her ability and also with Brad's assistance. Events that are often unpredicted Possible influence on development Positive Learning Risk of Stress Redundancy Learning to adapt to changes in income and lifestyle Refusal to accept change. Anger or depression. Failure to cope Birth of a sibling Learning to make new emotional attachments Jealousy and rivalry- emotional tension because your role within the family has changed Divorce Learning to cope with a new lifestyle Resentment or depression. Grief at the loss of the relationship. Failure to adapt to new lifestyle Sources http://marriage.about.com/od/entertainmen1/p/bradpitt.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angelina_Jolie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peer_group ALL IS FINE THAT ENDS WELL THEY SAY.... ...read more.

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