Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care setting

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P3: Factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care setting 

Preferred spoken language – they are many minority languages. It may not always be possible to speak to someone in his or her preferred spoken language, but carers should try to ascertain what an individual’s preference is. Some people grow up in multilingual communities where they learn several languages from birth. In the UK have grown up using only one language with which to think and communicate.

Use of signs and symbols – Gestures made with hands or arms, written symbols or diagrams such as traffic signs, all communicate messages to people.

Signed language – Languages doesn’t have to be by sound that are heard it can also be based on signing systems such as British Sign Language (BSL) provide a full language system for people who do not use spoken language or if people can’t talk and people who are deaf.

Witten communication – written records are essential for communicating formal information that needs to be reviewed at a future date.  

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Pictures and objects of reference – Painting, photographs, sculptures, architecture, and ornaments can communicate messages and emotion to people. People often take photographs or buy souvenirs to remind them of the happy experiences and emotions they have had.

Communication passports – There are usually books that contain practical information about a person. The passport can help health and care workers to understand the personal and communication needs of a person with communication difficulties. Communication passport can also have photographs or drawings that may help care worker understand the person who owns the passport.

Technological aids to communication – Information technology ...

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This essay is fairly basic and does not really meet the criteria of the question. It is a statement of things that can interfere with communication in both a positive and negative way. It fails, however, to actually discuss how the factors impact on behaviour. A little more discussion would really enhance this essay. ***