Food Safety -unit 3 health and social care

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The food and safety act was introduced in the 1990. It is legislation which is wide-ranging on the food safety and consumer protection on food throughout Great Britain. The aim of the act is to Ensure that all food meets consumers expectations in terms of nature, substance and quality so that it is not misleadingly when presented, Provided legal powers and offences in the relations to the public health and consumers interest to Enable Great Britain part of the responsibilities in the European Union. The act covers activities throughout the food distributions from primary production to retail and catering.

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The Act was given the government to make regulations on matter on detail and the food standards agency are responsible for preparing specific regulation under the act..  The Legislation of the act does not specify what form this food safety training should be taken but most conscientious companies recognise the food training is quality controlled by individuals and a companies feels prose with the training they have provided and certificated. The act has many key provisions in the food laws which are contained in the regulations on more specific areas under the power of the food safety act 1990. In ...

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This brief piece of work looks at the Food & Safety Act 1990. An introduction outlining what would be covered would be useful to help the reader get a sense of what will be presented. It is also useful for the writer in terms of using it to check that what it is the main body matches what was written in the introduction. The lack of an introduction made it difficult to determine what the writer hoped to achieve with this piece of work. There was mention of food safety training, but it was not clear what training exactly was being discussed. The writing style was in need of improvement due to the frequency of grammar errors which also affected the readability of the work. 2/5