Hazards and Legislation health and social care

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Task 1 Hazards and Legislation

In this assignment I will be looking at potential hazards and harms that can be found in a health and care setting. I will also be investigating how legislation, policies and procedures relate to health, safety and security and in what way they influence health and social care. I will be explaining how legislation, policies and procedures are used to promote health, safety and security of individuals in health and social care workplaces.

P2 & M1.

Legislation, policies and procedures are put in place to protect the public. Legislation is a set of laws that is made by the government; we have laws to keep people safe and to be able to give them rights. Laws have a standardisation; it’s the same rules for everyone, we see the laws as a guideline it helps us know from right to wrong.

Laws are always changing and new ones are continuously put in place.  If the law is broken, the person will be punished this can include; getting fined, losing a job, prison sentence and shut down of restaurant.                                                                                                                        If there were not any laws people would not be able to speak out about their rights, they would not know how to respond to an issue or a problem. There would also be no safety laws for work settings as well as no protection from abuse.

Laws help promote the health, safety and security of individuals; employers are responsible for the health and safety of employees as well as any visitors that are on the premises.                                                                                            Employers must fill out a risk assessment before opening for business; this has to be updated on a daily base.  They need to have a health and safety policy that is specifically written for that setting, as well as have someone responsible for health and safety. Employers must keep records of accidents and incidents this can help see if there are any issues with anything such as a lose flooring or any repairs needed with staircases. Employers must also be able to provide safety equipment, written health and safety information and training. Lastly employers need to make sure that the work place has been insured, employer’s need to take liability insurance. This is in case of the business either being in fault or has an accident.  (Health and social care 2010, Book 1 level 3 Edexcel, page 101)

“Policies are a document that explains expected standards.”  (Edexcel 2010, p.106) Most polices can be long and can include formal legal jargon. Polices have to be observed frequently to make sure that staff, guests and service users remain safe. Procedures are instructions on how you should fulfil out a task.                                                        .

All employers need to have their own health and safety policies and procedures this will show that they operate under the law “The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that organisations must have a health and safety policy”. (Edexcel 2010, p.107) When the manager and senior staff are writing out the policy and procedures, they need to be able to understand the law themselves, as well insure that staff follows the procedures so they do not break the law. Most organisations have a number of different policies and procedures such as fire evacuation, food safety and safeguarding. (Health and social care 2010, Book 1 level 3 Edexcel, page 106/107)

When a person is beginning a new job, they must sign out a contract which will have all the policy’s written out on it, the contract will require them to follow out all the policies and procedures.  Staff that decide not to follow polices should be trained to do so, they can also be disciplined for overlooking health and safety and may also be sacked.

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Policies and procedures help promote heath safety and security of individuals by making sure that all policies and procedures are put in place to meet the legal requirement for health and safety.                                                                                  The managers of an organisation take the responsibilities on behalf of the employees to ensure that the organisation is safe for the benefit of the staff, users and ...

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