Health and safety in health and care

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Charliee Nicholls        Unit 3 Health, safety and security in health and social careAntonia Travers P1 resub HazardWhy is this a risk? Give examples of possible consequences of this hazard.Trailing flex This is a hazard because electric wires are left trailing along the floor, this means that somebody could fall over the wires and injure themselves. Depending on which setting this hazard occurs in, it could potentially be very dangerous. If it was in an elderly residential home and an elderly person tripped over, then they could easily bruise themselves or break bones. Depending on any illnesses, it could also limit their
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mobility. To prevent this you could put bright coloured tape over the wires so that people can see that they are there.Loose hand railsThis is a hazard because somebody who struggles with their mobility may need to use the hand rail to aid them whilst walking and if the rail is wobbly then they could easily fall over. If the hand rail is on a staircase and the hand rail is loose then a service user could potentially fall down the stairs causing cuts, bruises and broken bones. To prevent this you could check hand rails regularly to ensure that ...

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