Healthcare essays on Osteopathy, Diabetes, Strokes and Leukaemia.

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Osteopathy therapy 
This form of therapy follows the holistic approach in being able to detect, treat and prevent health problems by moving and massaging an individual’s muscles. Osteopathy looks in to the way the bones, joints and muscles in the body are all connected. It is a branch of complementary therapy that puts a strong emphasis on the musculoskeletal system. It is believed that osteopathy treats and allows the body to heal itself. Therefore conventional medications are not needed in regards to the structure of the body. This was found on the NHS Choice website (online: 2013). The main role of osteopathy is pain relief and the reduction of tissue inflammation due to this therapy looking at the whole person rather than just a certain area it is able to heal illness from neck pains, back pains to asthma, stress and depression. Orthodox treatment also includes surgical procedures, for example spinal fusion. This procedure is very risky in its side effects of spinal stenosis, tumors, fracture an infection. Therefore the effectiveness of osteopathy is seen once the disadvantages of other treatments are realized. Osteopathy is a safe and effective treatment that allows the individuals to better themselves long and short treatment with minimal side effects. Whereas those with more orthodox treatments may benefit the individual but they tend to have many side effects some of which are life threatening. Another advantage of osteopathy is that it can work alongside conventional treatments without causing harm. According to rueckenbuch (online: 2013) many illnesses in regards to muscles bone and joints need certain surgical and medical procedures that need to be put in place to cure the individual. For example when an individual is having medicine for arthritis an orthodox treatment due to the serve pain they have all the time. Osteopathy can work alongside the conventional treatment. It has also been proven to help the recovery stage of patients who may be experiences side effects of medications. Even though orthodox treatments are compulsory for certain illness osteopathy can still be benefited as a treatment as it is efficient in working with other treatments such as medications, surgeries and even other forms of complementary therapies.

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Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that permanently destroys beta cells in the pancreas, meaning that the body can no longer produce insulin.

Signs & symptoms

Above average thirst

Feeling tired

Needing to pee regularly

Losing weight

Skin infections

Genital itchiness

People with type 1 diabetes therefore require regular. Type 1 I the one I will focus on and the type of disorder that needs to be addressed by life style changes and controlling the person’s life to control their diabetes.acunpunture would be good for the disorder and it will benefit them to better their ...

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