How people feel valued and supported by different types of communication AO1B

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How people feel valued and supported by different types of communication- AO1B

It’s important that in care settings the Staff and Organisation as a whole ensure that effective communication can be provided to all service users. There are some specific ways in which they can do this such as; promoting equality and diversity, maintaining confidentiality and promoting the individuals rights and beliefs, I will explore this ways further in the paragraphs written below.

Promoting Equality and Diversity:

The UK society is fundamentally built apron the wide range of diversity within it’s members beliefs, cultures and identities and the equality that we aim to achieve and offer to everyone, therefore it is immensely important that Equality and Diversity in reflected in every care setting. All care workers have a responsibly to ensure that they are continually promoting equality, and acknowledging, respecting and celebrating the diversity among service users. Every service user should be given the same opportunities and be given the same equality of care regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, age and social class. One good example of how this happens practically is in how the phlebotomy runs by a ‘ticket system’, where every service user is put into a queue and only priority cases are moved forward. This ticket system is beneficial as the phlebotomy staffs are unaware of the service user’s background so any possible prejudices they may have do not have an effect on their treatment and every case is handled the same way, following set rules and guidelines. It is also essential that care settings challenge discriminatory behaviour, such as dealing with offensive or unsuitable language. For instance, some schools have tried to stop the use of religion based holiday names such as ‘Christmas’ and ‘Easter’ they instead try and refer to them simply as holidays or breaks. This can encourage diversity and acceptance within the care setting. It also ensures that some service users are not offended by the language used and encourages the care workers to be empathetic towards the service users diversity.

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Maintaining Confidentiality:

Care workers have a duty in ensuring that all private information about the service user (including case history, treatment and profiles) are all kept confidential. Every organisation that handles private information will have laws, principles and obligations that must be upheld to establish a trustful relationship with the service users and to keep and improve its reputation. Breaking the policy on confidentiality could have very significant consequences for all parties involved including the organisation; care worker’s and service users, as sharing private information will not only brake the organisation policy but also will brake the law and consequently ...

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