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How service users are valued and actively supported and how service users are valued and actively supported.

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6D. Draw in-depth conclusions to include information about: * how service users are valued and actively supported * how diversity and equality are fostered * how confidentiality is maintained * How service users can access complaints procedures. How service users are valued and actively supported: Providing active support means when an individual in care setting need one to one care and support as it can make their lives easier. Therefore, Active support is an approach that regularly offers service users chance to take part in activities which they find interesting so that they can be helped by their care workers when they are in need of their help. It shifts the focus of direct-care staff work carrying out their tasks of them in everyday lives. Care workers who provide active support to children have very important responsibility; they have to make sure they are with that child whenever they needs help and support. It takes a very patient care worker to carry out his responsibility properly, care workers have to keep in mind: * Give them choice of activities. * Listen to their worries and trouble. * Communicate with the child effectively. * Can handle their behavior. * Care workers work as a team. * Make sure they eat healthy. ...read more.


* Religion- having prejudice toward their religion as they might feel their religion is not a truthful religion as it is made up. * Environment- having prejudice to where that service user came from i.e. poor village in Pakistan. * Education- their parents might not be educated. * Finances- their parents might not earn as much money. This type of prejudice can affect the relation between the teachers and the children. The care worker makes sure that they are not unfair to them because they are from different background or race. The teacher knows that having this type of prejudice can lead to discriminating their religion or beliefs also which can be very hurtful for the children. How confidentiality is maintained: Confidentiality has a very important meaning, which is to keep personal information private especially in care settings. Confidentiality is very important for the service user, which means that they will be able to say thing to care workers without worrying their information going any further and being confident that your details will be kept private and secure. Care worker in First Step nursery has a very important duty to keep children's personal information private. Right to confidentiality always makes sure this happens. Every child at First Step nursery have the right to confidentiality even though they are children, they do have the right to confidentiality. ...read more.


* Treat the complaint fairly and justly and give immediate response. * Deal with the complaint on time, politely while still keeping the service users confidentiality. * Give the respond in a right way to show them respect and that they are there for them no matter what. * Learn from the complaints and improve their system. A parent in First Step nursery can have access to complaint procedure at anytime if they think something is not right such as the teachers treating their child differently because they are from different race to them or even if they think the care they are given them is less then what their need. When a parent wants to makes a complain toward someone or the setting, care workers have the responsibility to make sure that they deal with the complain in a proper manner that will satisfy the parents needs. However if a parent feels that when they complaint to the manager the matter will worsen or they did complain but the manager didn't deal with it effectively then their next step is to inform the registration authority such as the social services who deal with their nursery's policy. Parents have the right to complain to the social services using the complaint procedure, they can also complain on others behalf such as their family member or their friend. ?? ?? ?? ?? Health, Social Care & Early Years Setting National Level 3 Amina Bibi ...read more.

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