I will be investigating the skills, qualifications, and experience of adult nursing my career path.

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In this skills audit I will be investigating the skills, qualifications, and experience of adult nursing my career path. I will be evaluate my personal qualities, skills and experience and how all my skills

I have chosen to embark on a nursing career, because I have passion to care for people. I have been working for four years in care, as a support worker. I have worked with various organisation. Hospital wards, domiciliary care, residential home and nursing home for elderly. Which has provided me with opportunity to care for others, and looking after their well-being, in a responsible and attentive manner.

 I have developed a good relationship with residents. This is enable me to get the best out of the patients, colleagues and public general. This skills and quality really drew me to improve and develop my skills and experience to be a nurse. Also to acquire the necessary clinical practice in order to improve the quality of patients’ lives and to promote their well-being.  To be able to achieve my goal. I have to set up targets plan and

However, I carried out some researched on two difference Universities and NHS Adult nurse: job description. Bucks new University and West London University. I was able to gather some information about the entry requirements, skills experience and qualifications that will enable me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Adult nursing.  


Requirements for mature students without the necessary formal qualification but with relevant experience are welcome. UCAS Tariff score of 240-280 points. Health promotion, Biology, Psychology. Maths, GCSE grade C or equivalent


The requirements are similar to Bucks University.

280 UCAS tariff points. Access to HE Diploma in Nursing with a minimum of 60 credits, grade C or about in English language and mathematics. In adding to academic qualifications some relevant work experience are required.


Adult nurses are from 18 years or over, however they must be able to provide safe essential care to people of all ages. Their roles is with Adults, young adults, early, middle and later years, and older people in their nineties and beyond. Nurses are in a hospital, in the community and people home. Adult nurse have completed three year degree in nursing. Once qualified they have to registered with national council (NMC)

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Adult nurses care for people who are ill, learning to lives with disability, gaining the trust and confidence of each patient is an aspect of nurses’ role. Their roles involves writing patient care plans, values, and beliefs of people from ethnically diverse communities. They adult of all ages with range of health conditions. Improves the quality of patients’ well-being and understand their individual needs.


I found out that adult nursing is a challenging and fulfilling profession. To be a nurse, you need to be ready and happy to ...

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